ICT701 Relational Database Systems Editing and Proof Reading Services

ICT701 Relational Database Systems Assignment Help

ICT701 Relational Database Systems Editing and Proof Reading Services

Here the students who are pursuing the course ICT701 Relational Database Systems will find useful information and guidelines that will help them to complete their assessment. 

The course introduces you to relational database design and implementation. It contains methodologies, concepts, tools and techniques to scrutinize, design and develop well-structured databases of present-day organizations.  

This assessment has total 3 parts and will be marked out of total 100 marks and has 30% weight of total assessment for the course.


Students should follow these instructions to achieve higher grades in their academic career.

The students must use MySQL to develop the database requisite in Parts B & C. You must be used ER notations and penalties will be applied to wrong notations.

Any assumptions made while creating the ERD in Part A must be clearly stated in your report.

Format:For Part A, you are will have to contain a PDF or word document that includes:

Discussion of your method to the demonstrating exercise
The ER Diagram
The Relational Schema containing primary & foreign keys)
Supplementary design requirements
All assumptions which analyze significant design choice you made

Now discuss in detail all the three Parts:

Part A

Students need to create a database design description ER Diagram and relational data model from the given description. Students will have to present this in a report.

Part B

In this part, you have to resolve the relational database management system to 3rd normal form. It is required to show both the 1NF & 2 NF which you found as part to the process of moving to 3NF.

Part C

In this part, there are total 16 parts. You have to complete the task SQL using MySQL.

Some of them are following:  

1. You have to prepare the SQL code, which will make the given table structure for a table that will mark 1.

2. Having created the table structure in Part C above, you have to write the SQL code to go into all the data in the table of 3 marks.

3. Students the SQL code that will mention all attributes in the given table. (2 marks)

4. You will have to write the SQL code that secures the alterations prepared to the table. (1 mark)

5. The students required to write the SQL code to change the job code. After completing the task, it must be shown in your submission. (3 marks)

6. Make the SQL code to prepare a copy then compose the code which will increase the qualities and linked restraints.

7. Write the SQL command to change the value according to given instructions. (4 marks)

8. A single command order that will change the number to 25. (2 marks)

9. Prepare the SQL code which will vary the project no. to 14. (4 marks)

10. You have to use a single command order which will change the project number to 18. (2 marks)

11. You will have to write two SQL command order that needs to:

Create a provisional table.
Copy the matching given table (4 marks)

12. You have to write SQL code which will remove the recently prepared table from the database. (1 mark)

13. Write the SQL command required to mention all the given details in the table. Assume case considerately. (4 marks)

14. Write the SQL code to discover the normal bonus percentage in the table which you prepared in Problem 8. (2 marks)

15. The students need to write the SQL code which will create a record for the data in the given table in ascending sequence by the bonus percentage. (3 marks)

16. You need to prepare the SQL code that will mention merely the distinct task no. set up in the given table. (1 mark)

Students are advised to follow each of the points to achieve good grades in their assessments.