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ICT701 Relational Database System Editing Services

Task 2

Value of this course is 40% of the total assignment.


TDP tech training is the new training organization which is opening soon and they want you help to network designtheir new database. Their premise has just been renovated and now looking at the hiring staff to teach so many IT courses they have.

Assignment information:-

Assignment consists of two parts. Part A and Part B. Red diagram and assumptions made is consisted in Part A. All the SQL code for your application of the database is in Part B. Each part consists of the following:

Part A: a word document or PDF must contain:

ER diagram in Crows Foot notation (Primary & Foreign Keys included)

Make sure the normalization of database to 3rd Normal Form

Take the assumptions that explain the important design made by your choice.

Part B: you have to submit

A single plain text file, name <studentNumber>_ABC.sql. You have to add all the sql for your implementation in this file. Including :

CREATE TABLE statements consisting all the integrity constraints and work on delete and update.

INSERT INTO statements for filling the database related to trial data from suitable forms (if it happens in a particular manner then ensure you order it accordingly!).

Note: there is a sample completed abbreviated CV (Appendix C). However, you must add 5 additional staff members and related sample data yourself to examine the database created by you.

Respected queries and trigger:

SELECT: List the staff ID, title, name (first and last together) and highest qualification for all the staff ordered by the last name.

SELECT: all staff that have not been approved to teach. Display the staff ID, title, name (first and last together), approval notes.

SELECT: Display the total number of staff grouped by the AQF qualification level.

TRIGGER: when the approval is given by a staff member (i.e. when the staff approval date is updated – after update on the staff table), the review date should be automatically inserted to be 1 year from the date of approval.

CREATE INDEX statement for the staff and approval tables.

Marking sheet for ICT701 Task 2


Maximum Marks

PART A: Design (40 marks made up of)

ER Diagram (25 marks)

Completeness (participation & cardinality constraints &all relevant data represented)


Normalization (10 marks)

Assumptions/Additional Information (5 marks)


PART B: IMPLEMENTATION (60 marks made up of)


CREATE TABLE (15 marks)

Consider data duplication & appropriation of table design

Integrity constraints (5 marks)

INSERT statements (10 marks)

QUERIES – (25 marks total)

INDEX – (5 marks)


Total =


Challenges students might face

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