ICT546 Local Area Network Design and Implementation

ICT546 Local Area Network Design and Implementation

ICT546 Local Area Network Design and Implementation

Introduction of the subject

Under this unit, students will be studying the building of TCP/IP and OSI models and students will be completing the unit should be familiar with the devices, language and the information technology of data communications. 

Information of the assignment:

It will be a group assignment. Students should form a group of 2 or 3 and have to upload a forum entry in the “Group Nomination Forum”.  This application have to be finished within the Packet Tracer application.


A XYZ insurance company wants to expand their work into Australia. They need a head office to be set up in Sydney, and you have to set up office A and office B. You have asked to form a network design which will fulfill the needs listed below.

Part 1:-

A LAN must be set up for each location. In order to separate Engineering, you need to use different VLANs. Devices on these LANs have to be able to interact with each other as well as devices located other sites. Computers of the employees need to be connected with the network. The following number of employees:

1. Head office should contain 18 design staff, staff of 80 engineers and finance staff of 2 persons.

2. Office A should have design staff of 14 members, staff of 18 engineering personnel and 2 finance staff.

3. Office B should contain a design staff of 3 employees, 4 engineering staff and staff of 6 finance employees.

The staff level is not expected to change in future.

Besides LAN connectivity at each site, sites should be able to interact with each other via serial point to point links in hub and spoke topology. The head office will be the hub and office A and office B links will end at the head office. Head office will give you the ticking rate on the serial links for every other site.

 Serial end to end link details are as follows:

1. Sydney to office A link speed = 2 Mbps

2. Sydney to office B link speed = 1 Mbps

Make an IP address plan which will include all three sites and the two WAN links from the ongoing network allocation


Addressing budgeting planning should be created so that there would be no wastage of addresses. The smallest subnets are big enough for the number of employees given have to be used at each site.

Part 2

Build a POC. The hardware list for POC will follow:

Head office

1. One 2811 router with adequate WIC-1T modules installed in the chassis which provide WAN connectivity requirements to all and enough NM-2FE2W modules installed to give sufficient Fast Ethernet ports to avail to every segments of networks within a site.

2. Three 2960-24TT switches;

3. For all the three departments there will one test PC.

Challenges student might face

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