ICT501 Business Analysis and Systems Development Approaches

ICT501 Business Analysis and Systems Development Approaches Assignment

ICT501 Business Analysis and Systems Development Approaches

Assignment 1

This assignment is based on the framework that are used to structure, plan and control the developmental process of an information system. Students can also investigate different situations and analyse different business requirements.

Note - You will be given case study/scenario as a reference to complete this assessment


Consider yourself as an employee of the consulting firm known as Innovative solutions. It has the specialization in systems designs, analysis and development services. The services range from advising other organizations for system development by providing direct development services. The clients of the firm have different ranges that include small businesses to large organizations. These organizations vary according to organizational culture, size, financial resources, IT infrastructure, etc. The time frame for implementing proposed systems depends on both external and internal environmental factors.


There are different approaches to the system development that includes factors like Model driven versus product driven, Sequential versus iterative, proprietary versus in-house and Prescriptive versus adaptive.

Task 1

This assessment has 20% value. The length of the assignment should be 1500 words. You have to write a business report for the employees by using optimal and development approach for the clients. Students have to investigate the factors that can be used to decide development methodology and present findings in the form of series of guidelines.

Note –For other consultants, the report will act as a guide to use during theoptimal systems development methodology for a particular client.


Students can use following instructions to complete this assignment. Identify the factors that determine the accuracy of different development approaches for the project like size of the organization and the team. You can also use the unit readings and other literature.

1. Review the methodologies of system development that your company could use in terms of their benefits, characteristics and drawbacks.

2. Consider the following factors with the accuracy of each methodology:

a. Propose guidelines that could assist the methodologies of system development.

b. Create a report based on what you have found out. It should include some information about the factors that determine choice of methodology, some information about the methodologies, and MUST provide well explained guidelines.

Business Development ServicesFormat Guidelines

1. Language of your report must be suitable or understandable to the IT professionals.

2. Structure of your report must be presented in the useful and logical ways like:

a. Title and Title page that reflect its contents.

b. Table of contents

c. Introduction (must include the purpose of your report).

d. Overview of Rational Unified Process and scrum (It must be written briefly)

e. Compare Rational Unified Process and Scrum

f. Guidelines (It should provide explicit guidance)

g. Bibliography (It should list the resources in writing a report and presented in APA referencing style by using citations. It should be based on your ideas and recommendations.

Note – Your report should be plagiarism free

Marking criteria

For this assignment, Marks are distributed based on following criteria:

1. Content and Research (70%)

2. Report structure and presentation (30%)

Challenges students may face

Students could face various problems in completing this assessment such as system development approaches or preparing a report. Students can take help and guidance from our experts and get better grades in their assessments.

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