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ICT320 Database Programming Oz Proof Reading Services

Introduction of the subject

In this course you will learn the advanced database concepts covering SQL and industrial database application domains.

Value of this course is 30% of the total assignment


Australia Wildlife Hospital (AWH) is the organization behaviour who does charity, give treatment to injured or sick wildlife and take care of that wildlife who are orphaned. They bring animals across the Australia and beyond.

Your task is to analyze the database schema supplied and propose, and to make it more efficient you need to implement the improvements to this system.

Your assignment is in two different parts: Part A: report, Part B: code.

You have asked to submit three files:

1. <student_Number>_ICT320_PartA.docx
2. <student_Number>_ICT320_PartB.sql
3. <student_Number>_ICT320_PartB.py

You aren’t permitted to directly contact the hospital as this will take all the resources valuable for treating the wildlife

Submission Format and Requirements

Part A: You have to take the analysis of the current sub-system design inn a word document or PDF. You have to include following:

Flaws of implementation in the existing system need to be identified, and/or areas for improvement, including (but not limited to)

1. Removing repeated data,
2. De-normalization for the optimization
3. Changing some areas to NoSQL (if so include what type of NoSQL database).
4. Logical creation of each specific constraint (Foreign Key and Unique) and/or index.
5. Identification of the current Normal Form of the system.
6. An ER Diagram for the current design of the system, and an ER diagram for the re-designed system.

Part B:You are required to submit:

A single plain text file, named <studentNumber>_ICT320_PartB.sql.

You have to include all the SQL for your database modification in this file.

This include:

1. ALTER / CREATE TABLE statements for
2. Changes done in your redesign from Part A
3. Commands for the missing FOREIGN KEYS, INDEXS and UNIQUENESS constraints.
5. New Career report: hospital want a report of which animals are with carers and which are returned to them back.

They have to show their accession ID for every animal, Name, Species and Taxon, and the carer’s name, Group name and Permit number. Additionally:

1. Animals still with carers:- Carer have to show when they have taken the animals and the time for which they have kept.

2. Animals returned to the hospital in last 7 days:- Date of returning and total time with carer.

3. New Carer Group Report: make the list of all the carer groups with their permission expiry date, order the list by most expired/soonest to expire to furthest to expire. The marketing report should contain the list of the care groups name, permit number, permit expiry date, and contact name and contact phone number.

A single plain text file named <studentNumber>_ICT320_PartB.py.

This file will include the Python for your programming implementation. This will include:

Calling, and outputting as a single HTML page for all procedures:

1. Carers Report
2. Carer Group Report
3. Results of each producers have to include as a table

For the carers report: rows color for animals outside the hospital should be pale pink, rows color for the returned animals should be pale green.

Red color rows for those carers groups that are expired, light pink color rows for those carers groups which are expiring next week, no need to color other rows.

Marking sheet for ICT320 task 2


Maximum Marks


Existing system ER, Re-design ER

Justification for index and constraint selection

Identification of major implementation flawa and/off areas for improvement, including

Identification of & proposal to remove repeated data

Potential areas of NoSQL (if so include what type of NoSQL database).

Identification of current Normal For and rational for denormalization



SQL STATEMENTS: (50 marks)

Create/Alter Table statements:

Constraints (Foreign Keys & Unique)


Stored Procedure x 2

Python Code (20 marks) x 2

Monthly report – Situation  found in

Monthly report – Yearly Comparisons

Total =



Challenges students might face

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