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ICT170 Systems and IT Professional Practice Assignment Help

ICT170 Systems and IT Professional Practice Editing Services

This assignment is based on the understanding of the business Information Technology and its complexities. It aims at providing practical experiences in the work force in order to prepare for full-time employment.

Assignment 2

Task 1

Some topics in this assessment are completely based on addressed systems theory, as it can be applied in the context of Information technology and Information Technology professionalism. It will help the students to demonstrate and explore your knowledge in several areas.

Note – This assessment is divided into 3 parts containing some questions. Each question must have 1-3 paragraphs. Marks will be deducted for poor grammar and spelling.


PART 01 – Systems

In this part, you have to find an example of a system that contains a feedback loop.

Q1. Name the system you have chosen and provide a brief summary of its function(s). Provide a reference to the source of the details about the system.

Q2.Describe the following characteristics of the system you have chosen: inputs, transformations, output, boundary and environment.

Q3. Explain how the feedback loop in your chosen system impacts on the operations of the system.

Information Systems SourcingPART 02: Information Systems Sourcing

In order to outsource the information systems of an organization, there are certain factors that needed to be taken into account. You have to put yourself in a situation where you are at the position of Chief Information Officer at a medium-sized exporting/manufacturing firm that considers outsourcing of some of its system to another country. Here, you have to provide an opinion on some aspects of this proposal.

Q4. List and discuss three advantages that could flow to your firm from outsourcing some of its information systems function to Elbonia.

Q5.List and discuss three disadvantages that could flow to your firm from outsourcing some of its information systems function to Elbonia.

Q6. Discuss one information system in this firm that you think would be suitable to outsource immediately.


PART 03: Ethics

The interaction between the students and the universities can create large amount of data in several main areas. Firstly, as a part of their enrollment and application process, students provide data including demographic and entrance data. Secondly, an interaction of students with LMS helps in generating the data. Thirdly, the performance data management of students is collected in the information system of the students. This data can be used in different ways by the universities by aggregating and combining the data from these different sources and analyzes it for different trends, patterns and casual relationships between outcomes and behaviors.

Q7.Discuss the benefits that could arise to students from Learning Analytics2.

Q8.Discuss the benefits that could arise to a university from Learning Analytics.

Q9.Describe some possible negative outcomes for students from Learning Analytics.

Q10.Do you think the collection and analysis of student-relating data is ethical? You must support your answer.


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