ICT115 Introduction to Systems Design Proof Reading Services

ICT115 Introduction to Systems Design

ICT115 Introduction to Systems Design Proof Reading Services

This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of system analysis and design, containing the collection, understanding, and analysis of the requirements for the system through different options in the design of the system.

Assignment 1

Value:Total value of this assessment is 25% of the total assessments for this course

To complete this assessment, you will be provided a scenario in which you are a system analyst working for ‘The Shire’ city council as part of their ‘Smart City’ development team. There are 2 parts of this system which will manage the monitoring of the ‘free council parking’ with the below mentioned functional needs:

Part 1

Micro camera sensors in each parking space distinguish when a vehicle is present is present or not,
A web app and council website will point out in real-time how many parking spaces are vacant and map where these parking spaces are.

Part 2

Number plate symbols of the vehicle must be able to be identified by the micro camera sensors.
The system will know the parking time limits of each parking space,
The system will automatically observe the length of each vehicle of stay.

Based on the above-mentioned information, you need to build a use case for these complementary systems.


Answer the following two questions:

Q.1.How would you obtain the information needed for the development of the use case model in the real world? (10 marks)

Q.2.Draw a Use Case Diagram and description to represent the required functionality of the car parking management system. This functionality will be determined during computer workshops 2, 3 and 4. The attached file ‘ICT115 Use Case Template’ should be used for the use case description. (15 marks)

Challenges students may face in completing this assessment

When students will attempt this assessment task, they may face several problems such as developing use case model, insufficient time to complete the project within time, the functionality of car parking system etc. Such students can take our technical experts’ help and guidance and can get better grades in their academic career.