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ICT 521 IT Professional Practice Proof Reading Services

Introduction To Assignment

This will be a group activity. You have to instruct your group membership by email to the lecturer.


The Email from the CEO have been received by you of your company (Henry Pascal). The company is known as XYZ, in reference to the highly efficient persons in the teams. Your report should explain the information technology and how it will help MMP to supply provenances and therefore get their status back,

Assignment section

Marks % total

Executive salary




Body of the report


Dominant Template Part 1:- Explain change needs – State opportunity/Link to WIIFMs (25%)

Use the analytic Template (AT) to help bill to come up on some decision that there is scope of improvement in XYZ business outcome and will gradually improve their position of market in UK (and other parts of the world). You can take the help of AT structure given with topic 6 in the LMS to define the outline. In this template you will be needed to provide the following elements at the minimum:

AT Part 1: Background

Being part of the background elements will make sure that you explain what technology is, and why it is needed in this situation. Very importantly, make sure that you succeed in making jack understand your technology.

  AT Part 2: Evidence

Show relevant evidence in support of your theme and make sure that jack understands the technological issue. You should provide links.

AT Part 3: Interpretation

Make sure that you provide clear interpretation, and also referred to jack’s/MMP’s WIIFs.

Dominant Template Part 2- Explain Proposal (30%)

Take the help of Relational Templates (RT) to make three key components available for second part of the PT structure. Use RT form given with topic 6 stated in LMS to define the outline.

RT Part 1: Whole Picture View

Use this to box the overview element presented in the PT structure.

RT Part 2: Describe the Issue

Make sure that problems aligned to those as definite in the element 2 and 3 as follows:

Element 2: Break down the detailed explanation into the following subparts:

Overview of the Enterprise Architecture; and

Key elements of the company building and why they are necessary to this project (link to WIIFMs).

Element 3: For the uninterrupted path you have to develop culture a blur outline of the proposed implementation approach. Use the Sequential template (ST) to describe this view. You can take the help of the outline which is provided for ST in topic 6. Ensure that you provide jack something which can be done immediately, for the reasons talked in topic 5. Moreover, this part have to address how the factory of MMP canning is tested by the proof of concepts and retooled, how the transportation train will be joined, how will app be developed and deployed, and how the marketing systems will  be able to make people sign up for the app (including providing incentives).

Dominant Template Part 3: Detail Cons and Pros (25%)

Apply the Relational Template to choose the body of proposal, by discussing cons and pros and relating these to risk management. Your analysis of pros and cons should contain:

Privacy Issues = Describe the risk connected with collecting personal information by the help of app, and how will you r solutions address those. Including, risk of address related to individual information reselling (as discussed in appendix 1), and how It will be managed.

Security issue = Explain how security issues will be coordinated with proposed system (at the database, communication, app level, procedural, etc.).

TFT Control and Security Issues = You will have to think about how would you fit the TFTs onto the cans to prevent damage and copying. Additionally, you will have to explain how encryption of the TFT coding used to decrease the risk of copying.

Intellectual Property Control = QM wants IP control, although MMP will pay for development. QM must offer a licensing agreement, where MMP will receive payments for IP future use. This should be taken in the positive way for MMP.

Other issues = if you think that there is any other issues in QM and MMP then you should address it.

Conclusion (5%):- this should be created using insights provided in topic 6.

Marks within each section will be as follows:



Technical/Business knowledge illustrated


Clarity, persuasiveness, flow and logic of the material


Spelling, grammar and punctuation


Use of graphic to 10% explain the material


Though you can right limited words, you can take help of that limit as you see each section completing in right fitting. However, you may find it helpful to balance the each section word limit to the scores that are applicable to that section, described in following table.

Executive summary

Explain Need for Change

Describe Proposal

Details Cons & Pros


% of marks


% of marks


% of marks


% of marks


% of marks



~185 words


~920 words


~1100 words


~920 words


~185 words

Challenges students might face    

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