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ICT 310 System analysis and Design Proof Reading Services

This assignment explains about various methodologies used for the development of high quality information system by combining information technology, data and people to support the requirements of business.

Assessment 2

Task 2

This assessment has 35% value.

Note -You will be given case study/scenario as a reference to complete this assessment

School supplies Pvt. Ltd supplies stationery to business clients and specializes in educational supplies. Their business mainly starts at the end of school year. It is well respected for its quality range and good advice by the ex-principal of school especially in the home schooling community. They mainly perform management and retail sales processes through the accounting software and a good team consists of General Manager, retail shop floor manager, warehouse manager and business account manager.

This business performs annual back-to-school process where around 4500 school pack orders were received, packed and delivered to the parent’s or children. During BTS time, they hire 5 extra people with particular skills or expertise to help them in packing boxes. The general manager of the company is frustrated by the online ordering system. She thinks that it has the only good feature, that is, the ability to interface with the software called QuickBooks, as it automatically enters an order, adjust the stock levels and generates an invoice. Therefore, she wished to redesign the BTS system.

System DesignUnder new system, parents have to enter to the online site and select their school along with the passcode so that they can create a school supplies online content and enter delivery and contact details, username and password. Now, they will get a login screen where they will log in and specify book packs for each of their children. They can press on an ‘Add student order’ button and start a new book pack order. After entering the student name they will select the year group and then be presented with an auto filled list of all the items and the quantities for their particular book list for their school and year group.

The numbers of each item can be adjusted by the parent. Now, parents can press the ‘Order’ button at which point the totals and details of the order are confirmed. Once delivery details are confirmed, parents are then transferred to the online payment system. Later, an invoice will be generated and are automatically printed out and matched with the bank statement. Barcode in each order will be scanned and finalize the order by creating a courier consignment note. However, the increasing work highlights the inadequacies of their current online BTS processing system which is increasing staff stress levels in the office.

Business Processes:

A JAD session with the general manager and ex-principal revealed the following information. The business processes described below are the system requirements for this information system solution:

1. It has been decided to first build and implement the core Online BTS ordering system, the following will NOT be included in the current system design.

2. The software interconnection with the online BTS system. Stock levels can be adjusted manually for the time being.

3. Stock control will not be a part of the BTS online system.

4. The payment system will be through the bank online payments process and does not need to be considered as part of this design.

There are two parts to this system: The Client BTS Packs and the School BTS Pack item groupings.

The Client (Parent) BTS Packs

1. School Supplies online clients will be parents or carers of school children. Records kept for each client are as folllows: Client ID, Contact name, Name on invoice, Billing Address, Phone Number, Email, Date of becoming a client, Notes field.

2. Each client (parent / carer) will have one or more book packs. Each of these book packs hold the following records: Book Pack ID, Student name, Student year and School Name. There are two types of book packs:

3. Delivery – these book packs will be sent via courier to the client. The following records are recorded: Courier, Courier name, Delivery Address, dispatch date, delivery date, and consignment note id.

4. Pickup – these will be put aside for the client to pick up. The following records are recorded: Pickup person name, pickup date and pickup time.

5. Client book packs are made up of many back-to-school items (BTS item e.g. books, pens, pencils, textbooks and other school stationery). For each BTS item the following is recorded: Item ID, Item name, preferred supplier name, re-order part number for the item, and current item.

6. Each client book pack may contain many BTS items. However, each BTS item can be used in many book packs. Each BTS item for each client book pack will be identified by both the client book pack key and the BTS item key.

School BTS Pack item groupings

1. The will be many schools for which the following will be recorded each: School ID, School name, school login code, contact name, contact phone, contact email, school address.

System Analysis2. Each School has many year groups, each of which will have a book pack list made up of many back-to-school items (BTS Items). These are the preconfigured booklists from which parents select the items required for their student.

1. Just as for the client book packs, school book packs are made up of many back-to-school items. Furthermore, each BTS item can be used in many school book packs.

Part A: Essay and Demo

Q1. Essay (20 Marks)

The length of the assignment should be 1000-1500 words

Approach is necessary for the new information systems project to develop Online Back-to-school ordering system.

a)Your manager has asked you to write short essay on adaptive systems development discussing the various methodologies of adaptive development. State under what circumstances each methodology would be used and how they may be applied to your case study project.

b)You manager has asked you to choose and justify the use of a methodology for the case study project.

Your target audience is executive business people, who have extensive business experience but limited computing knowledge.

Q2. Memo (20 Marks)

The length of the assignment should be 750-1000 words.

Review the School Supplies case study and answer the following question with reference to the information in the case study.

Your manager has requested that you write a brief memorandum for the owner Gerry Lane and his management team commenting on the different ways you might handle the design of the Human Computer Interface of this new Online Back-to-school ordering system.

Part B: Modeling and Diagraming

Q3. Use Case Modeling

a. Event Table (20 Marks)

Review the School Supplies case study and prepare an event tablefor the information system to support the business processes as described. Use at least the following headings for the Event Table:


Event Type



Activity/use case

System Response/Output





b. Use Case Diagram (10 Marks)

Review the School Supplies case study and your event table solution from question 3a above to prepare a Use Case diagramfor the supporting information system.

c. Use Case Description (5 Marks)

Prepare a dully developed Use Case descriptionfor the 'Create Online Account'use case, as documented in the event table solution and the use case diagram solution.

Q4. Domain Modelling

a. Domain model class diagram (20 Marks)

Review the School Supplies case study to prepare a domain model class diagramfor the supporting information system.

Note –Solutions are expected to show the class name and attributes list for each class and sub class, All required associations, All attributes as specifically mentioned in the case study must be reflected, Other attributes as needed to support the described functionality.

b. Design Class Diagram (5 Marks)

Prepare a Design class diagram for the Clientand Schoolclasses ONLY.These two classes should be part of the Domain model class diagram solution for the previous question.

Note -Each of these design class diagrams are expected to have a complete attributes list and a comprehensive methods list which supports the specified functionality as described in the case study.

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