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Human Resource Management Group Assignment Brief

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Detailed Information on Subject Assessments

1. Literature Review: The individual assignment for this subject consists of an in-depth literature reviews on specific topics given by the lecturer in week two, which largely fall into the areas of "Culture and Business". "Culture and MNCs", "Culture and Communication". In addition to textbooks, students are expected to include at least five journal articles relevant to the topic under discussion using the Proquest Database.

2. Group Report: Students work in groups of three. Students simulate meetings where expatriate staffing and management needs are discussed in relation to a company establishing an overseas operation in one particular country. The group must decide the "home" location and the "host" location for the exercise.

As part of the meetings, students are expected to address all relevant issue that are involved in international Human Resource Management within the simulated company. In addition, students must consider the external environment of the company's location (ie., in the "host" country). The meetings will result in a written report that provides the theoretical framework from a cross-cultural management point of view for the decisions in addition to addressing the specific issues relevant to the host country.

Subject Resources: Prescribed Textbook (compulsory)

Hodgetts, R., Luthans, F. and Doh, J.(2008) International Management. Culture, Strategy and Behaviour, 7e McGraw Hill
Recommended Reading Adler, N.(2008) Internatinal Dimensions of Organisational Behaviour, 5e, Thomson/South-Western;


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