HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care Proof Reading Services

HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care Assignment Help

HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care Proof Reading Services

This assignment explains about the basic concepts of Human needs, time management, wellness, conflict management, communication and diversity.

Assessment 1

The main purpose of this assignment is to develop the applications of various concepts learned in the course. This assessment should have the value of 30%.

Task 1

Students can use Ted Talks videos for writing an essay of 4-6 pages by answering under mentioned questions.

Q1. Why did you choose the topic/video that you did?

Q2. What were the important points emphasized? How does this correspond to the course concepts?

Q3. Can you relate to this on a personal level? Write about an experience you endured or witnessed. Do you agree or disagree with the message in the video?

Q4. Has viewing the topic challenged your philosophies or beliefs?

Q5. Did you find the message powerful/challenging?

Role Concepts in Health CareThere are certain procedures for the students to be followed:

1You can watch all Ted talk videos for reference.

2. For the completion of final project, you can select any one ted talk video for using.

3You can also use the information given in this assessment or any other reliable academic source.

4. You have to answer the question of this assignment based on the guidelines mentioned.

Ted Talk Videos:

Select one of the following Ted Talk videos.









There are certain guidelines to complete the assignment:

1. You can include the content with Title Page, Introduction, Body (answers of the questions), Conclusion and Reference Page. It should have the length of 4-6 pages approximately.

Note – For the essay creation and integration, grammar, spellings and punctuations, marks will be given to the students.

2. Prepare it with the format that follows APA guidelines. You have to include a separate page of reference that includes the list of sources and the title page

3. Text written in the assignment should be in a 12 point Times New Roman Font. You have to use 2.0 (double) line spacing.

4. By using APA formatting, you have to cite all the sources from where you are taken the information.

5. All submissions should be checked through Turnitin (an anti-plagiarism software)

Note – You will get the mark of zero if your content will be unique. It will let you follow all the disciplinary action based on the academic honesty policy.

6.In respect to the plagiarism and academic honesty, you can see the following program page: with respect to academic honesty and plagiarism.

7. For this assignment, your paper will be marked according to the marking rubric.

8. You have to submit your assignment in the given D2L Dropbox.

Challenges that students might face

In HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care Assignment Help, students may face challenges like concept of application development, formatting of the assignment and many more. It is very significant to keep momentum to achieve better grades in your exams for this assignment. OZ Assignments provide necessary academic guidance and tutorial help to resolve student queries. Get feedback amendment without any additional cost.