HS2021 Time Tracking Database System Editing Services

HS2021 Time Tracking Database System

HS2021 Time Tracking Database System Editing Services

Database design is a procedure of producing a detailed data model of a database.

This is an Individual Assignment.

Value:Total value of this assessment is 10%.


In this assignment, students will be given a case study to design a database. You are required to analyze the provided case study: City Jail to recognize database needs and design a complete E-R diagram in 3NF form. The final outcome will be ready to be applied in Oracle2c which will be used for your assignment 2.

Note:We provide this case study for reference purpose only. You will find an actual case study in your assignments.

In the provided case study you will be given a memo based on that you need to:

a. First, based on the memo, create an initial database design (E-R model) for the city jail that indicates entities, attributes (columns), primary keys, and relationships between the entities. Use only the entities identified in the memo to develop the E-R model.
b. Second, create a list of additional entries or attributes not identified in the memo that might be applicable to a crime-tracking database.
c. Furthermore, normalize your database design to 3NF so that it is ready to be deployed to Oracle12c SQL developer

Report Structure

Content of the report

a. Prepare a report which will detail an E-R diagram and justification your choice of entities and attributes.
b. Detail the normalization procedure of the E-R diagram in details.
c. Explain each extra entries or attributes you have developed and why?
d. Write down all the assumptions you’ve considered while preparing the E-R diagram.

Problems students may face in completing this assignment

Students may face several problems while attempting this assignment such as creating E-R diagram, making references, insufficient time to complete within time. In this situation, students can take help and guidance from our technical experts and excel their grades.