HRM502 Human Resource Management Proof Reading Services

HRM502 Human Resource Management

HRM502 Human Resource Management Proof Reading Services

This unit is an introduction of HRM in organizations with an emphasis on evolving technical solutions that are practical and useful in meeting business objectives.

Studying this subject will help you to make a difference to the performance of your organization or your part of an organization.

This assessment has three tasks. Those are:


Assessment title



Critical evaluation of HR information



Business Report



A slice of role play


Assessment 1


This task has four parts:

A. Evidence-based HRM, a specific application of the broader term, evidence-based management, is a cornerstone of this subject. Using at least two information sources from academic journals, explain what is meant by this term. Why is this important in HR practice? (200 words)

 B. Find any two internet written sources that you believe would be useful to Israel Tobin in persuading Mark French of the strategic value of the HR function in CERA. (The sources do not need to be used by Israel in full – they are to inform his presentation.) Briefly, explain how each source might be used to support Israel’s pitch to Mark French and the CERA executive team. (300 words)

 C. Using the CRAP test, evaluate the two sources that you used in point B above. (500 words)

 D. Draw conclusions regarding the nature of the information that should be used to inform practice. (200 words)

Marking Criteria

a. Analysis of sources (20 marks)
b. Referencing, expression, and presentation (5 marks)

Assessment 2

This assessment requires you to make a business report that addresses one of the following options. These questions relate to topics 2, 3 and 4.

a. Option 1- Work design pilot at CERA (Topic 2)
b. Option 2- The business rationale for diversity management (Topic 3)
c. Option 3- Options for performance measurement in CERA (Topic 4)

1. What limitations are evident in CERA’s individual performance measurement, taking into account its organizational strategy and recent developments in this HRM practice as reported in professional literature provided in Topic 4?

2. Recommend two alternative measurement approaches and indicative methods within each approach that you believe could work in CERA to address the limitations.

Marketing Criteria

a. Critical analysis and assessment of relevant literature in the development of an argument (35 marks)
b. Referencing (5 marks)
c. Report writing technique (5 marks)

Assessment 3


The word length for this assessment task is 900 words (+/-10%).

You are asked to take on the role of a character in the CERA story and to address a role play problem from that person’s point of view.

In the ‘Getting Started’ link on the I2 site, you will find behavioral profiles of the CERA characters with whom you will be working on this task. You will be doing 2 role play tasks using the issues that are given below.

Topic and role play task

Topic 3

Should we follow our competitors or do something quite different in recruitment? (Why or why not?)

Topic 4

What should we be trying to achieve in our individual performance measurement system?

Topic 5

What principles should we apply in deciding what employee development is funded by CERA?

Topic 6

Should we do away with workplace celebrations because of the risks that CERA is carrying? (Why or why not?)

Marking Criteria

a. Individual Component (10 marks)
b. Group solution/process (5 marks)

Challenges students may face while completing this assignment

Students may face several issues in completing this assessment such as making appropriate references, lack of writing skills, insufficient time etc. To help and guide students for their academic needs we help students in the best possible way so that they can achieve better marks in their academic career.