HLSC122 Inquiry in Health Care Editing and Proof Reading Services

HLSC122 Inquiry Health Care Assignment

HLSC122 Inquiry in Health Care Editing and Proof Reading Services

Assessment Format

Students are directed to use the table to show their search and refinement of the search, located in the text by Richardson-Tench, Taylor, Kermode and Roberts (2016, p. 47) within the body of the essay. This table should be labelled as per APA format guidelines, by placing a title for the table above where it is inserted into the body of the essay (Table 1. Search Process and Refinement). Students are instructed to refer to the HLSC122 Inquiry in health careessay unit outline (pp. 14-15) and the marking rubric (pp. 16-17), as well as this guide when completing this assessment task.

Answerable question: In adults with a fractured femur is a femoral traction splint compared to no traction splint the most appropriate management of a patient requiring ambulance transfer to the ED.nd Ambulance Service. (2016). Clinical Practice Procedures – Trauma/Femoral Traction Splint.

In infants, how does being immunized against pertussis, compared with not being immunized, effect morbidity and mortality?

In adult females who suffer frequent urinary tract infections is cranberry juice compared to antibiotics more effective in preventing urinary tract infection?

Describe some of the issues that impact on health and illness, such as environmental issues, affecting the health of Aboriginal and torres Strait Islander people and other cultural and community issues?

Describe how client health and illness factors impact on nursing practice?