HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice & Proof Reading Services

HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice Law Assignment

HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice & Proof Reading Services

This HI6028 Taxation Theory Practice Law assignment covers 20 marks which is 20% of whole trimester marks. It is a group assignment. Taxation assignment requires great sort of knowledge of law and statistics subject and discuss accountant group assignment.


This assignment is to be submitted by the due date in both soft-copy (Safeassign – Bb) and hard copy. The assignment is to be submitted in accordance with assessment policy stated in the Subject Outline and Student Handbook. It is the responsibility of the student submitting the work to ensure that the work is in fact his/her own work. Ensure that when incorporating the works of others into your submission that it appropriately acknowledged. accountant Group assignment help – students are to group themselves to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 students per group Research on a Australian case (not more than 10 years old since the decision by the Court) involving a Taxation issue. Write a report outlining the following:

  1. Case
  2. Outline the Sections breached and explain why those sections were
  3. Discuss and critically ANALYSE the court/tribunal decision and the reason for the decision in view of the corresponding Act (e.g. GST, FBT, etc)
  4. Present the report in class. All members must present on the day or a fail will be recorded. Presentations will be of a maximum of 5
  5. Your lecturer will let you know when you have to

Maximum word limit – 2,000 words Proper referencing in accordance with school regulations Submit group assignment on-line (must do Safe Assign Check). Only one group member. No safe assign and/or no signed cover sheet work will not be corrected and the group will have a mark of 0 (zero). Groups of less than 3 and more than 5 people will receive a penalty of 10 points.