HI6008 Business Research Report Editing and Paper Editing Services

HI6008 Business Research Report

HI6008 Business Research Report Editing and Paper Editing Services

Students will get significant information and guidelines regarding their Business Research assignment.

Subject overview      

Business Research search for engaging learners in the survey of the whole process of business research and how to design, organize, and implement own business research report.

The complete business research procedure is explored in detail from outlining an appropriate business research question, directing through literature review, analysis data, choosing suitable research methodology to gather and examine data and to write the research paper.


After successfully completing this assessment you will enable to:

1. Establish an understanding of the process of research planning, business research methods and understanding significance of professional ethics and how to recognize and address ethical concerns when they rise in a business research project.
2. Apply conceptions of business research to business scenarios.
3. Assess the effect of current research in the business environment.
4. Appraise & compare different methodologies of business research then put on them to a precise business research report.
5. Make a research proposal, literature review, and project plan to solve the business problem and describe research outcomes.
6. Appraise professional practice issues in business research
7. Validate selected research methodology (qualitative/quantitative) and describe processes for proposed data analysis, data collection, and limitations of your proposed study.

Students are needed to complete these three individual assessments:


Assessment Type


Learning Outcomes



Literature Review



2000-2500 words


Research Proposal



1500-2000 words


Individual Reflective Journal



1000-1500 words

Assessment 1

To complete this assessment, you are expected to show their understanding of the extent, academic literature linked to an approved, business topic.

Students required deciding on a business-related topic/concept in discussion with their lecturer. Students required selecting approximately 8-12, but minimum three, comparable sources or peer-reviewed articles that are related to the topic. (Online sources can be accessed using ProQuest or Google Scholar)

In the context of their selected topic, students are required to analyze the selected articles and sources i.e. read and critically analyze the literature.

Marking Criteria: Assessment 1

Marking Criteria’s


Literature review scope and objective            


Comparative Analysis


Quality and currency of articles and sources used


Gaps identified and conclusions drawn


Use of Harvard Referencing


Total Marks


Assessment 2

To complete this assessment, you are expected to present a written research proposal based on the literature review written in Assessment 1 and show their knowledge of business research paradigm.

Students need to write a business research proposal based on literature review outlining the details of the proposed research project that addresses the gaps recognized in the literature. Derived from the business topic, the proposal requires comprising clearly state research questions and providing a solid research methodology that supports the viability of the project.

Marketing criteria for this assessment:

Marking Criteria’s


Research Project Introduction and Justification


Research Questions and justification


Research Methodology


Total Marks


Assessment 3

For completing this assessment, you need to write a weekly journal over the duration of the 12 week teaching period that documents a crucial evaluation of their learning procedure. In this reflective journal, students required to reproduce how they have advanced with the learning objectives associated with assessment tasks 1 and 2.

Marking Criteria for this assessment:

Marking Criteria’s


Introduction and reflective journal scope


Critically and depth of learning reflections reflective analysis




Total Marks


Challenges for students in completing this assessment:

When students attempt this assessment, they can face various problems like making proper references, applying concepts of business research, recognize and address ethical issues. We provide necessary help and guidance to students in the best possible way so that they can excel their academic career. By taking our experts’ help, you can get in-depth knowledge of Business Research.