HI6005 Management and Organizations in a Global Environment

HI 6005 Management and Organizations in a Global Environment

HI6005 Management and Organizations in a Global Environment

Assessment 2

Students will get important information for their assessment. 

Research Paper 2

The value of this assessment is 25%.

a. Live Presentation worth 10% and
b. Written Report worth 15%.

The word limit for this assessment is maximum 10 pages (5,000 words) and 10 min.

It is a group assignment and has definite individual components. Groups are required choosing from a list of topics. You need to study your topic in depth providing evidence of individual research. The list of topics will be provided below from that the group must select on the basis of ‘first come, first served’.

Note:Each topic has a group component and each group member must contribute. On the other hand, there are explicit individual components which have been described.


a. Topics need to be taking on as group work in a group of 3 or 4 students.
b. Each topic has a common structure along with individual components

1. The Live Presentation

Students form into several groups and recommend their wide-ranging research topic. This is a group activity and every student must contribute to that work. Then each student in the group will research completely and an individual element drawn from the drawn research topic.

2. The Written Report

The written report on your topic will be written as a seminar report. You may also integrate the concepts generated in the live presentation. The report should start with the topic which is followed by each individual component recognized by the individual student who prepared it.

Suggested limits

a. Management Summary: 1 page but not more than 2
b. Section 1: Introduction (400 to 600 words)
c. Section 2: Main Body including of each of the individual components limit each component (About 1000 words each)
d. Section 3: Conclusion (100-300 words)
e. Summary and a full list of references (5-15 references).

Assessment Criteria

There are two components adding to total possible marks of 25% of the subject.

1. Presentation

a. The Opening Impact (3 marks)
b. Overall Presentation Technique (including quality of the slides) (5 marks)
c. Adherence to Time Limit (2 marks)

2. Written Report

a. The Management Summary (4 marks)
b. Report Structure (3 marks)
c. Academic Quality (Incl. Referencing) (8 marks)


Challenges students may face in completing this assessment

Students may face several problems while completing this assignment like making proper references, lack of writing skills, making impressive presentation etc. Such students can take help and guidance from our management experts and achieve academic excellence.