HI5019 Strategic Information System Proof Reading Services

HI5019 Strategic Information System

HI5019 Strategic Information System Proof Reading Services

Here students will find useful information regarding Strategic Information System assessment.

This assessment has 2 tasks:

Task 1

Literature Review

Students need to complete this assessment in 2500 words. The literature review should be on how strategic information system to help organizations to attain an alignment between the strategic goals of the organization and the current and future IT infrastructure of the organization.

Read all the information and questions cautiously before you start the task.

1. Identification and discussion of the chosen company’s structure, products, and services under consideration

 2. Operations and functionality: Identify and discuss

a. The current processes

b. Any gaps and what is not working properly

c. Which specific issues that the new system will fix

d. Criteria that will be used to prove the proposed system meets requirements

3. Discuss what constitutes an Information Systems (IS) Strategy and explain why such strategy is needed as part of the overall organizational strategy.

4. Discuss why the organization may experience difficulties in developing an Information Systems Strategy. As part of your answer, you should suggest solutions to the difficulties you discuss.

5. With reference to your studies on Information Systems failures:

a. Analyse the typical problems that might be expected to arise within Information Systems projects.

b. Illustrate your answer with reference to literature and any relevant examples.

c. Suggest remedies to the problems you have identified.

Task 2

Business Report

It is a group assignment of three or four students.  You need to conduct research on the strategic information system. In this assessment, you will provide a case study and prepare a business report for the client details. You have to select an information system to help them to make an informed decision for investment in an information system.

Students need to complete this report in 3500 words and should be summited in an MS Word format document.

Read all the information and questions cautiously before you start the task.

1. Compare and contrast the issues and challenges that face strategic information systems planners. Your answer should clearly discuss the issues each sector (private or public) face when managing IT/IS strategical.

2. Critically evaluate whether or not an IS Strategy may help an organization to achieve a competitive advantage. If an IS Strategy can help an organization achieve a competitive advantage – how might an organization sustain such an advantage?

3. What approaches could an organization adopt when attempting to develop innovative uses of strategic IS?

4. Choose either Outsourcing or End User Computing, as a strategic option. Critically discuss how the Director of IT/IS the chosen organization would manage the strategic option you have chosen.

5. Evaluate the statement that: Strategic Information Systems can add business value to an organization through IT/IS. Your answer should include relevant case evidence that supports your arguments.

6. Critically discuss what constitutes having a ‘good’ internal control in a contemporary and complex business world. Your answer should cover how organizations could develop an internal control strategy so that they are not exposed to excessive risks or behaviors that could harm their reputation for honesty and integrity of their staff.

Challenges to complete this assessment

Students face many problems while completing their assessments. They face problems in the topic of the research report, presentation and writing style, correct referencing etc. with the help of our experts, students can get necessary guidance to make their assessment impressive. This will help you to achieve best marks in your assessments.