HI 5004 Marketing Management Proof Reading Services

HI 5004 Marketing Management Assignment Brief

HI 5004 Marketing Management Proof Reading Services

Postgraduate Programs

the Master of Business Administration, the Graduate Diploma in Business and the Master of Professional Accounting offer domestic and international students the opportunity to study a set of contemporary subjects in the field of business. These subjects prepare students for the challenges in business environments of the 21st century. These programs emphasize the global and cross-cultural dimensions of business. Teaching utilizes a combination of delivery methods and includes critical analysis and case study methods. A combination of exams, case studies and company analysis are used in assessment.
The Masters' programs focus on:

  • Developing career related capabilities
  • Emphasis on business numeracy and literacy
  • Managerial proficiency
  • The new economy
  • Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social responsibility and ethics.

Subject overview

Welcome to HI5004 where we study Marketing Management. Marketing begins and ends with the customers. It is about meeting their needs profitably and building relationships.
Marketing Management aims to get, keep and grow customers. It involves choosing a target market, crafting a unique positioning for the product/service, getting the “marketing mix” right, building brand equity, and creating, communicating and delivering superior customer value.

Subject rationale

Kotler, Keller and Burton’s book on Marketing Management talks about marketing in the 21st  century as follows: “Marketing is everywhere. Formally or informally, people and organisations engage in a vast number of activities that we could call marketing. Effective marketing has become an increasingly vital ingredient for business information. And marketing profoundly affects our day-to-day lives. It is embedded in everything we do – from the clothes we wear, to the websites we click on, to the ads we see.”
The purpose of this subject is to provide an understanding of marketing management and to introduce students to the principles and practices of marketing, from both a local and international perspective. The course covers various topics, including: Defining marketing; the role of market research in marketing; building strong brands; applying the 4P’s/7P’s of the marketing mix; goods versus services marketing and, integrated marketing communications (IMC).

Subject objectives & learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, you will have:

  • An understanding of the theory and practice of marketing management;
  • An understanding of how marketing tools are applied in a variety of business settings;
  • An understanding of how marketing strategy is formulated from market intelligence;
  • Enhanced problem-solving and decision-making abilities in relation to market analysis;
  • An understanding of how companies organize their marketing programs and manage these activities effectively.