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Health and Safety Assignment Brief

Health and Safety Proof Reading Services

This health and safety assignment brief is related to health care and its importunacy for minimize the risk

Assessment 1

  • Why is it important to stay up to date with WHS practices which include the systems equipment and processes used by staff in health care setting?
  • Explain what each of the following symbols mean.
  • What is the definition of a hazard?
  • What types of hazards would you find in ahealth care setting?
  • What strategies con you use to minimize the risk of the above hazards?
  • Outline the process involved in the analysis and management of hazards which is followed by aged care facilities.
  • What safety considerations must you be aware of when working in a home-based care situation and what can you do to ensure your safety?
  • As a way of monitoring your own stress levels:
  • How would you recognize if your own stress levels were becoming a potential issue
  • who would you seek assistance from in the workplace

Assessment Two

  • Outline the function of the WHS/OHS legislation, include in your answer:
    • Which WHS/OHS legislation is relevant in your state/territory (Include the applicable state authority and their role).
    • Describe the reasons why it is important to follow this legislation.
    • Detail how the legislation guides your role as a PCW.
  • Chris is a newly appointed Corer who does not respond well to feedback on his work performance. A few of his more experienced colleagues have told him to read and follow client care plans, particularly with regard to manual handling needs. Recently Chris alone was assisting Bill- a heavily built man- to walk to his bedroom after his shower. Bill is usually steady but because of his advanced Dementia he can be unpredictable in his movements: his care plan advises two Careers should walk with Bill alter his shower. On this occasion Bill lost his balance and Chris attempted to soften his fall by lowering him to the ground. This resulted in Chris injuring his back and Bill sustaining a skin tears on his left elbow.
  • What are the safe work practices Chris should have followed?  Include in your answer:
    •  What did Chris fail to do?
    • Outline the steps Chris should have taken to remove or minimize the hazard
    • As a result of what occurred (incidents) what reporting procedures does Chris  now have to follow for himself and Bal.
  • Using the example template in appendix 1 write a policy and procedure to outline safe work practices for transferring a resident of the floor falling a tall. Refer to the transferring people safely guidelines: Handling patient’s residents and clients in health, aged care, and rehabilitation and disability services.
  • . Referring to the Age Newspaper article in appendix 2 complete the following. Outline the steps Broughton Hall should have taken to prevent the GastroenterHis from spreading using- A guide for themanagement andcontrol of gastroenteritis out breaks in aged core, specialcare, health care and resident care facilities
  • Outline how you follow safe work practices for infection control. include in your answer the following:
    • The standard precautions to prevent the spread of infection
    • The additional infection control precautions and procedures and why these are necessary
    •  What are two common sources of infection and how can you minimize me transfer of infectious diseases?
  • What are my rights and responsibilities of both employees and employer regards to Work Health and Safety (including duty of care?)
  • Briefly discuss the musculoskeletal areas of the body that can be injured through manual handling