FNRE315 Financial Reporting Paper Editing Services

FNRE315 Financial Reporting Assignment Help

FNRE315 Financial Reporting Paper Editing Services

Assignment 3

The assignment is designed to increase students’ knowledge and skills in analyzing the sources of finance of Australian public listed companies as well as evaluating differences and similarities in financial reporting framework.

 In this assignment, students are required to group work of 2-4 students in the performance of this written report.

The weight of this assignment is 20% and it contains 40 marks. The word limit for this assignment is 2000.  

Learning outcomes

a) Converse and apply the theoretical frameworks for financial reporting

b) Discuss a regulatory framework for financial reporting, alertness of and experience in applying the Australian equivalents of international standards that deal with specific industries, contexts and financial statement items

c) Prepare and present (local and international audience) financial statements logically and professionally which conform with International financial reporting standards (IFRS)

d) Understand and explain many Australian-International Financial Reporting standards related to reporting and an appreciation of the conceptual strengths and weaknesses of required accounting methods

e) Demonstrate work-ready disciplinary knowledge

f) Classify and evaluate environmental and sustainability considerations in firms external reporting

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It is highly expected from you to purport the following perspective of the report:

a. Introduction of the two selected companies (3 marks)

Company’s name
Establishment year
Main activities
Products or services
Organizational structure
Business achievement

b. Identification and evaluation of the companies’ financing sources for each company (9 marks)

Identify correctly all financing sources of the company: leverage, equity issuing. Describe in details of the company’s financing sources were given. (9 marks)
Short-term debt, intermediate-term debt, long-term debt ii. Equity: ordinary share, preference share, redeemable share, management share…

Analyse the capital structure, and important financial ratios
Relate the company’s financing structure and its financial reporting framework with the nature of its business and with nature of the overall financial market condition.

c. Analysis and comparison of the companies’ financing sources (9 marks)

Identify and explain clearly the similarities and differences between the two companies’ financing sources and financial reporting framework.
Provide possible reasons for the differences and similarities in their financing sources and financial reporting framework.

d.Summary of interesting findings and any recommendation/prediction. (4 marks)

Summarize and present FOUR significant points of the discussion topics in your report in a coherent manner.
Provide recommendation or forecast.

Report format (3 marks)

Referencing (3 marks)

Challenges students may face

Students face off various problems in completing this assessment such as understanding the complex problems of making references, lack of writing skills, making report etc. Students can take help and guidance from our experts and get better grades in their assessments.