FIN202 Financial Institutions Paper Editing and Proof Reading Services

FIN202 Financial Institutions Assignment

FIN202 Financial Institutions Paper Editing and Proof Reading Services

Applying for a banking licence in Australia

In FIN202 Financial Institutions Assignment you have been approached by a Director of the Brilliant Bank, a global bank with a head office in New York, for advice on the operation of the banking system in Australia and the requirements for and method of applying for a banking licence in Australia. It wishes to set up a bank here.?
Prepare a report for the director, carefully addressing the following issues:

  • an analysis of the structure of the current financial system in Australia
  • structure of and developments in the current Australian banking industry
  • the regulation of banks in Australia – historical and current provisions
  • the opportunities and structure for another foreign bank in Australia
  • the risks facing a foreign bank starting a new operation in Australia
  • in terms of meeting official requirements and best practice, what the Brilliant Bank must do to obtain a banking licence in Australia
  • recommendations and conclusion recommended operational structure, the feasibility of making the application, and its likely success.

 Presentation and Lodgment

 Further details on the presentation and lodgment requirements for the Assignment and penalties for late lodgment, along with the rubric for assessment purposes, are set out in the Subject Outline (SO), pages 7- 8.?
You are required to complete this essay individually (no groups).
You should follow the following typing conventions:

  • Times  New Roman  font  (at minimum , 12 pitch)
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • Top, bottom, left and right margins to be at least 2.5 cms from the edge of the page
  • A4 paper; and
  • Length – 2,500 words + / - 10%.

Research and Referencing

You should begin by reading the references relating to the topic and subject content in the text-book. It is suggested that you search these references via the Index at the back of the text. You will need to discover at least 6 other references. This should include at least one other book and one journal article. Search the web-sites suggested in the text and the SO.

Marking Guide

See Subject Outline, pages 7 – 8. The purpose of this Assignment is to test your initiative as advanced degree students, and to test your ability to discover, apply and interpret financial management.