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Fashion Research Assignment Brief

Fashion Research Proof Reading Services

This assignment is relevent to fashion research assignment brief discuss about the fashion brands, product innovation in the fashion industry

Assessment 1: Essay (Discussion Paper)

Assessment Overview:

Research and write a discussion paper on Fashion Premium Brands and their relationship with consumer behavior.

1. Assessment Instructions:

Research and critically analyse the statement presented below and present your findings in a referenced discussion paper.
Within the fashion industry, premium brands are in step with the lifestyles, values and attitudes of modern society and culture through brand recognition, product Innovation and a strong consumer base”.

Address the various issues, and consider the relevance and comparisons to other products and services.

Research for this report will involve both primary and secondary sources of information. Primary sources of information could include your own observations arid, where possible, interviews with any relevant parties (e.g. consumers, suppliers, etc.).

Secondary sources of information will include undertaking appropriate literature research on articles, publications and journals that comment on addressingconsumer behaviorwith regards to brands and the extent to which this has an impact in contributing to the brands’ success.
(e.g. 2O9tO7Iluxupremiumvs4ashiondarifying-thedisparity1)

Ideally, the paper should display a weII. balanced argument and critique in the following areas:

  • How does buyer sophistication affect the purchase of a premium brand product?
  • The investment in points of difference in Premium brands in their product’ service strategy
  • If consumers do not perceive the relevance, distinction and appeal of the brand, will they purchase a cheaper alternative?
  • Is design innovation and quick turnaround times applicable to fashion premium brands to avoid designs being copied quickly?
  • Do ‘history’ and ‘hentage’ brands still hold their value? Do premium brands need to have these ‘traits’ to be deemed a prestige brand

2. Assessable Criteria

You will be assessed on the following requirements:

Topic Overview

  • Clear and concise overview with symmetry of opening and closing 5 statements/hypothesis (introduction and conclusion)


  • Organized and well balanced view of arguments
  • Supporting answers with the results - how results relate to expectations and 10 to the literature, clearly stating why they are acceptable and how they are consistent or fit in (or not) with previously published knowledge


  • Well defined arguments showcasing a critical application of researched
    findings 10

Demonstrated areas of capability in both Primary and Secondary research with broad coverage of methodology and sources