Ethical Decision Making Editing and Paper Editing Services

Ethical Decision Making Assignment Brief

Ethical Decision Making Editing and Paper Editing Services

This ethical decision making assignment brief is based on the ethical problem and Remember ethical decisions are made by people


We all know that there is one ‘ethical’ answer to most of life’s problems. So making an ethical decision should be easy. Life, however, is complicated and we may have to make a decision against competing interests. This essay is designed to assist you in thinking about options, not a test of your ethical stance. Remember ethical decisions are made by people, not companies or organisations. You will need to undertake some research to understand the context of the problem Critically evaluate the situation below. Describe what actions you could take. There are a number of competing stakeholders who would be affected by your decisions, including yourself. Outline the possible outcomes of those actions and how they will affect the different stakeholders.

In your answer, you must explore the competing ethical considerations in the case given. Use a theoretical framework (one only) to support your decision. In your conclusion you should outline which decision you would go with, why you have made that choice and review the possible impacts of that decision on the different stakeholders. Remember there is no right or wrong answer; otherwise there would be no ethical choice and ethical decision


You are the senior food and beverage manager in a large, previously highly successful sporting club. You have just attended a board meeting in which there was a big debate about the finances of the club. Although it is not yet in serious difficulty, the team is on an extended losing streak and the membership is dropping. The board discussed the need to rebuild the team and ensure that they start to win as the drop in membership is having a detrimental effect on revenue. The meeting became really heated about the possible cost of new high-profile players and whether they could be afforded by the club. You are feeling a lot of pressure at the moment. The club depends at on the cash flow from your food and beverage section, which includes the poker machine income and the bar. You understand the need for an improved team to keep the club viable.

Later that day, you stroll into the head coach’s office to discuss the board meeting. You get on well with him; you are friends. He steps out of the room to get you both a cup of coffee. You are not in the habit of looking on people’s desks, however there is a file open with a prominent players name on the front. You become excited, hoping this player will come to join your team – he may save the club! It appears he has signed up! Glancing through the paperwork you notice the cost of the player. The sum is not unexpected. However, although not a member of the board, you attend their meetings and realise that, if this player is employed, the club will breach the salary cap rules. You understand the implications if the club gets caught.

What do you do?