ENS6152 Steel Design Editing and Proof Reading Services

ENS6152 Steel Design Assignment Help

ENS6152 Steel Design Editing and Proof Reading Services

This assignment will explain about anintroduction to the design, operation and management of construction sites for Civil Engineering works. It further includes earth movement and retention, temporary structures, and equipment used to facilitate construction.

Assessment 1


Task 1

Students are required toconsider the possible load cases in three different scenarios mentioned below and design this 3D-frame. The structural system is to be bracing along X direction and moment frame along Y direction. Figures below show the arrangement of beams and columns supporting a 5 m by 8m double-span slab/roof for a one-story office building located in Perth CBD.

steel designNote - Unit weight of reinforced concrete: 2500 kg/m3

Loading applications

1.Top level is an open-space parking area with 700 mm glass parapet walls.

2. Top level is a flat roof with 500 mm brick parapet walls

3. Top level is a shed roof

Q1. For each loading scenario mentioned above present manual calculations for loading the frame including: Dead load, Live load and Lateral wind load, based on AS1170.

Q2. Use either Revit Robot Structure or Ram software to analyze the frame and report all internal forces and support reactions for applications 1 and 2 by considering necessary load combinations as per AS1170.

Q3. Use the same software package to design all elements: beam, column and bracing system, based on AS4100. You may define a section or use One-Steel available sections; you should justify the designed section type and orientation in your final report.

Q4. Use AS4100 to conduct a local design check, e.g. section buckling, etc.

ENS6152 Steel Design Assignment HelpQ5. Design all connections manually: beam to column along X and Y, bracing system in X direction, and columns’ base plates.

Q6. Calculate your steel structure weight and compare the results for applications 1 and 2 with a suitable conclusion.

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