ACOM105: English Language Communication Skills Editing Services

English Language Communication Skills Assignment Brief

ACOM105: English Language Communication Skills Editing Services


This unit is designed to extend the language skills of students who have English as a second or other language.  The unit covers the advanced communication skills and learning strategies required to study in the Australian context and in specialty areas such as Information Systems, Business, the Humanities or Health Sciences.

Mode/attendance pattern: Three face-to-face hours per week.

Duration: 12 week-semester or equivalent in intensive block mode.
You should anticipate undertaking 150 hours of study for this unit, including class attendance, readings and assignment preparation.

Learing Outcomes

ACOM105 English Language Communication Skills requires development of particular attributes. These are also included in the Learning Outcomes.

On successful completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • Listen and respond to information critically (ACU Graduate Attributes 4)
  • Improve skills in English pronunciation (ACU Graduate Attributes 9)
  • Extract information from spoken English (ACU Graduate Attribute 8, 9)
  • Read and critically respond to written and graphic information (ACU Graduate Attribute 4, 8, 9)
  • Construct a variety of written text types using appropriate and accurate English (ACU Graduate Attribute 9)
  • Maintain grammatical and semantic accuracy in a variety of contexts (ACU Graduate Attribute 9)
  • Plan and prepare a formal group presentation. (ACU Graduate Attributes 9, 7, 10)

Graduate Attributes

Each unit in your course contributes in some way to the development of the ACU Graduate Attributes which you should demonstrate by the time you complete your course. You can view the ACU Graduate Attributes for all courses at All Australian universities have their expected Graduate Attributes – ACU’s Graduate Attributes have a greater emphasis on ethical behaviour and community responsibility than those of many other universities. All of your units will enable you to develop some attributes.

On successful completion of this unit, you should have developed your ability to:

  • GA4  think critically and reflectively
  • GA7  work both autonomously and collaboratively
  • GA8  locate, organise, analyse, synthesise and evaluate information
  • GA9  demonstrate effective communication in oral and written English language and visual media
  • GA10 utilise information and communication and other relevant technologies effectively


Topics will include:
Communication skills: Culture and Learning; Research strategies; Reading for understanding points of view.
Report writing skills: Oral presentation and discussion skills

Quality Assurance and Student Feedback

This unit has been evaluated through the ‘Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching’ (SELT) online surveys.In response to student feedback, a preliminary report task was introduced to provide guidance to students in the assignment process. In addition, models of report writing (written by students) are provided to students for reference and analysis.

SELT surveys are usually conducted at the end of the teaching period. Your practical and constructive feedback is valuable to improve the quality of the unit. Please ensure you complete the SELT survey for the unit. You can also provide feedback at other times to the unit lecturers, course coordinators and/or through student representatives.

Assignment 1

Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to provide a preparatory task for the final report and to assist students in reaching a greater level of achievement in the final report assessment. This task assesses the student's progress in developing a purpose for writing their report and provides feedback and guidance on their research skills.

How to submit: Students should submit a hard copy of their assignment to their lecturer with an appropriate assignment cover sheet.

Return of assignment: The assignment will be returned in Week 7

Assessment criteria: The assignment will be marked according to the assessment criteria in the rubric in Appendix 2.

Assignment 2

Group Oral presentations: Address problems and possible solutions related to 1 (one) of the oral presentation topic listed below.

  • The challenges of intergenerational communication.
  • The challenges of overuse of new technology by children.
  • The challenges of taxing large, international companies.
  • The challenges of caring for the health of the elderly in the community.
  • The challenges of debt for university students.

Purpose: The purpose of this task is to assess how successfully students have responded to several learning outcomes prescribed in this unit. The task will provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in research, oral communication, English language skills and working in groups. It also aims to offer experience and feedback for students in the context of a formal academic presentation.

How to submit: Presentations will be conducted in class. The group work journal (see pages 17-19 of this unit outline) should also be submitted on the day of the presentation. The journal should be typed. A template can be found on LEO.

Assessment criteria:The assignment will be marked according to the criteria outlined in the rubric in Appendix 3.

Assignment 3

Purpose: The purpose of this task is to assess the student's level of achievement in the context of certain learning outcomes in this unit. In addition it assesses student's understanding and execution of research skills and in particular the student's organisation and evaluation of their research using a particular genre of writing.

How to submit: Students should submit the assignment through Turnitin as well as submitting a hard copy to their lecturer. The hard copy should have an assignment cover sheet and should be accompanied by the Turnitin originality report, including word count, at the time of submission.
Submissions which do not include originality report on the due date and time will be considered incomplete and will incur late submission penalties.

Assessment criteria: The assignment will be marked according to the assessment criteria in the rubric in Appendix 4.

Assignment 4: Final Exam

Purpose: The purpose of this task is to assess how successfully students have responded to the learning outcomes prescribed in this unit.

ACU policies and regulations: It is your responsibility to read and familiarise yourself with ACU policies and regulations, including regulations on examinations; review and appeals; acceptable use of IT facilities; and conduct and responsibilities.

The ‘Turnitin’ application (a text-matching tool) will be used in this unit, in order to enable:

  • students to improve their academic writing by identifying possible areas of poor paraphrasing, citation and referencing in their written work; and
  • teaching staff to identify areas of possible plagiarism in students’ written work.

While Turnitin can help in identifying problems with plagiarism, avoiding plagiarism is more important. Information on avoiding plagiarism is available at
For any assignment that has been created to allow submission through Turnitin (check the Assignment submission details for each assessment task), you should submit your draft well in advance of the due date (ideally, several days before) to ensure that you have time to work on any issues identified by Turnitin. On the assignment due date, lecturers will have access to your final submission, and the Turnitin Originality Report.

For the purposes of this unit, the originality report should indicate a range of 0-15% similarity. Students should aim for the lowest possible percentage of similarity.