EEB309 Essay Proof Reading Services and Paper Editing Services

EEB309 Essay Writing Assignment

EEB309 Essay Proof Reading Services and Paper Editing Services

Assessment Item 1


Using the assignment 2 equity essay task, resources from video and study skills together with modules 2 & 3 you will provide responses in your personal journal (Interact 2) to the following questions:

1. Analyse the essay task question for assignment 2, using the following categories:

  • Topic
  • Focus
  • Command
  • Limit
  • Viewpoint

2. Plan your assignment 2 essay using the following categories:

  • Thesis Statement
  • Decide and state 3 main topics
  • Draw up the essay outline in point form: Introduction, body (3 paragraph ideas), conculsion.

3. Based on your learning to construct a paragraph, write a sample paragraph for your second assignment (for example, introduction, conclusion or one of the body paragraphs).

You will receive feedback to each of these questions to improve your essay writing skills.


This assignment is designed for the beginning university student. The task assists students to study the “Wellness and Wellbeing” materials with a focus, and to critically analyse their reading at an early stage. It assists the students to understand the task set for the second assessment (assignment 2) for this subject. The student has the opportunity to improve essay writing skills to reach and appropriate academic level for assessment submission/writing.

By using the learning tasks in assignment 1 the student will improve the ability to communicate understanding of the assignment 2 equity topics. This relates to the learning outcome – “understanding the concepts of a wellness and wellbeing health model, how these pertain to the early childhood context and issues of equity in attaining wellness and wellbeing”.

The early feedback to the student will enable the student to write the second assignment more successfully building overall confidence for their study journey.


This assignment is to be written with the jouralling tool within Interact. Assistance is use of the Journal Tool can be found in module 2. You can also use the Help tool within Interact or do a Google search for Blackboard Journals.

Assessment Item 2


In the first assignment, you have been planning for this essay. Using or adapting the plans that you have submitted in your Journal, and heeding the advice given to you in the feedback you have received from your tutor, write the essay on the following topic.

The beginning modules in “wellness and wellbeing” introduce some theoretical basesor perspectivesthat underlie society’s perceptions of wellness and wellbeing. These modules also discuss the factors that can influence our attainment of both these conditions.

What now is your understanding of wellness and wellbeing? Discuss three factors that can influence a child’s attainment of wellness, and the reasons why attainment may not be equitable within their family/community environment. As educators discuss how we can support families and children within our educational setting in relation to their own wellness and wellbeing. How can ideas for practice in achieving wellness and wellbeing be positively influenced by theoretical perspectives?


  • Your three factors mustcome from the issues raise in the modules and readings.
  • Spend approximately 500 words discussing each of the three factors you choose.
  • Spend approximately 500 words discussing how educators can support families and children within the educational setting.
  • Spend the balance with introduction, conclusion, describing your understanding of wellness and wellbeing in relation to Robbins health model (this maybe in your introduction) and to tweak your work to ensure it flows.
  • Can you see any connections between your three factors? Can you see how one area can affect another area in relation to well ness? Have you been able to articulate this in your essay?
  • Make sure that you have studied the required reading, by referencing appropriately as discussed in the modules.

  • Check the assessment item 3 marking criteria to ensure you have covered the assignment requirements.

Read the rationale to follow so you understand the purpose of this study and assignment.


A deep understanding of the connections between holistic wellness and wellbeing, and the effects of society and environment, is the cornerstone of this subject. This assignment allows the student to synthesise various theories and translate these ideas into practice.

This assessment will address the following learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this subject, students will

  • Understand the concepts of wellness and wellbeing from a health model and how this pertains to the early childhood context;
  • Recognize the impact that wellness and wellbeing has on the continuing development of the individual (adult and child);
  • Reflect on the social value placed on wellness and wellbeing and how this influences educators’ perspectives on teaching practice in early childhood settings;
  • Analyse the social and media aspects related to health careproblems;
  • Recognize the relationship that overall wellbeing has to social competence and the role that early childhood professionals have in fostering this


The Equity Essay paper must be written as a word document, saved as either a .doc or .docx file and submitted via EASTS. Please use Times New Roman font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing. The resource folder on our EEB309 interact site contains helpful information on essay writing. Do not submit a pdf document as this is unacceptable.

Task 1: PowerPoint Presentation

You have been asked to give to talk to the staff in the center of the following topic:

How do we best support the wellness and wellbeing of children in our care?

Points to consider are:

  • Is here a connection between the wellness and wellbeing of educators and the wellness of the children in their care?
  • If so, describe the connection, and
  • Explain what the educators need to do to maximize a positive effect in their roles.
  • Consider the importance of educators being aware and appreciating the wellness and wellbeing of each other and the influence of this on the wellness and wellbeing of the children.

Prepare a PowerPoint Slideshow and Notes for the talk you will give. Remember that a talk will follow the same procedure as an essay (Introduction, body of main points, and conclusion). The content of your talk will be in the Notes section which accompany the slides and should be approximately 1000 words. (words on the slides do not contribute to the final word count.)

You will find helpful information of how to construct a PowerPoint presentation in interact 2 resources.

Task 2: Online Participation

This consists of your participation in online discussions on your tutor’s group discussion board/forum and/or in chat sessions that may be available. It includes the modules related forum activities that are in the EEB309 modules up to the due date of assignment 3.

For details of how your PowerPoint presentation and online participation will be assessed look at the marking criteria below.

Please read the rationale detailing the Learning Outcomes for this assessment item 3.


The assignment task allows the students to practice a leadership skill required in the early childhood workplace that of addressing a group of fellow staff members. This assessment will address the following learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this subject, students will:

  • Consider theoretical and practical means for fostering the wellness and wellbeing of children, staff and families in early childhood settings;
  • Explain the value of providing for the wellness and wellbeing of those involved in early childhood settings.
  • Evaluate how well early childhood services proved for the wellness and wellbeing of children, staff and families
  • Recognize and understand the role of leaders and advocates in the early childhood profession in ensuring conditions in early childhood settings support the wellness and wellbeing of children, families and staff;
  • Devise useable ideas and experiences that are able to be implemented in early childhood settings to provide for the wellness and wellbeing of the people there; and
  • Recognize the relationship that overall wellbeing has to social competence and the role that early childhood professionals have in fostering this.


The PowerPoint presentation assignment must be created on a PowerPoint or similar program and submitted through EASTS. The required “notes” should be written in the notes section of the PowerPoint file. There should be one document submitted. Pdf files are not acceptable.