ECB2112 Security Privacy and Ethics Proof Reading Services

ECB2112 Security Privacy and Ethics Assignment

ECB2112 Security Privacy and Ethics Proof Reading Services

Assignment 2

Novice Meets Experts

The value of this assessment is 25%.

An assignment is a team assignment. Team size of five (5) students (preferably from the same tutorial group) and each team will be assigned a team number. Each team member is expected to be an active team member. Each team must nominate a team leader, who is responsible for keeping track of team communication and progress.

This assessment consists of 2 parts

Part 1

15% written report and audio record of interview

Part 2

10% Electronic presentation

Assignment Objectives

 The purpose of the assignment is to: -

1. Improve your interpersonal and group skills, along with communication and presentation skills

2. Network and collaborate with other students

3. Understand some of the important security, privacy and ethical issues encountered in IT organizations appreciate the context of business decision-making and the issues of managing people to perform the required task(s) effectively and efficiently

4. Evaluate the relevance of the ACS ethical framework in the IT business environment

Assignment Tasks

With your team, you will need to:

1. Identify a business person or manager within an IT organization/department that is willing to be interviewed by your team;

2. prepare a set of suitable interview questions, as per guide following;

3. Organise and conduct the interview; • submit an audio recording of interview, preferably as an mp3 file format;

4. prepare a written report; and

5. prepare and record a team presentation (maximum time of 10 minutes) of your findings

The Interview and its preparation Topics

 The team interview will be centered on three topics across the two areas below. The team will prepare a set of questions on how each of the three topics addressed in a professional IT workplace.

Area A (choose any two)

1. Security challenge

2. Privacy threats

3. Ethical dilemmas

4. Social networking in the workplace

5. Application of ACE codes of ethics

Area B (choose any one)

1. How IT projects are managed

2. Employee performance management

3. Negotiation and conflict management skills

4. Expectations of job applicants at interviews

For each of your topics, the interview may investigate the:

1. context and background of the issue;

2. possible choices that could have been made to handle the issue

3. What decision was made about the issue and

4. Justification for the decision

Selecting an interviewee

The interviewee should be someone who works in an IT organization/department, and who has some leadership role within the organization.

Organising the interview

The team leader must ensure that only one member of your team makes contact with the interviewee and that a time and place for the interview is agreed to. Evidence of this preparation will be given in the written report for Part 1 Assessment (see details in the following Marking Guide). Ideally, you should try to interview the person in their workplace. In preparation for the interview, your team needs to meet (possibly electronically) to discuss and prepare a list of appropriate questions on above-chosen topics.

in organizing your interview with the interviewee, you should:

1. propose the topics for the interview

2. request an interview time of at least 30 minutes

3. negotiate a suitable time with the interviewee

4. obtain permission to record the interview

Conducting the interview

You should attempt to conduct the interview on strictly professional lines. It is a useful technique to switch off your mobile in front of the interviewee as the interview starts because this sometimes prompts the interviewee to switch theirs off as well. Remember to confirm that the interview is able to be recorded, and commence the recording.

Ensure that each member of your team has the opportunity to ask the interviewee at least one of the prepared questions. Keep to the allotted time, and do not overrun.

Part 1

Each team will submit one written report only for assessment. The report will be a collation of individual contributions of team members. It is expected that each team member will make a contribution to the report of between 350-400 words. The maximum length of the report is 2000 words.

Marking criteria (Total 15)

Introduction – 3 marks

Interview preparation – 2 marks

Discussion – 4 marks

Reflections- 3 marks

Appendix- 3 marks

Part 2: Electronic Presentation

Use Microsoft Powerpoint software to prepare an electronic presentation centered on the topics discussed at interview.

The presentation will be submitted electronically and there is NO requirement for a live presentation. Using the inbuilt features of Microsoft Powerpoint, each slide needs a voice recording speaking to the slide and include written notes of the narration. Slideshow with an audio file should play automatically. Each team member will participate in the presentation. The presentation will have the following structure. It will:

1. Have a maximum duration of 10 minutes;

2. Adopt a consistent slide template;

3. Include slides incorporating (Max10 slides)

4. an introduction to the presentation including title, team members;

5. background details of the person interviewed;

 6. listing of topics discussed

7.  information provided in the interview (one slide per topic);

8. lessons learned from conducting the interview;

9.  lessons learned from working in a team

 Marking criteria (10 marks)

1. Content of presentation- 4 marks

2. communication- 4 marks

3. overall presentation marks- 2 marks

Challenges may face by students

Students may face several problems while completing this assessment such as Insufficient time, Lack of presentation skills, Making an appropriate reference list. Such students can take help and required academic guidance from our subject experts and excel their grades.