EBWO3001 Effectiveness in the Business World

EBWO3001 Effectiveness in the Business World

EBWO3001 Effectiveness in the Business World

Here, you will find important information which will help you to complete EBWO3001 Effectiveness in the Business World Assignment.

Learning Outcomes

1. Reflect an understanding of the concept of the company and the surroundings in which it functions, containing defining the competitive gain for a company.  
2. Recognize and evaluate procedures and accountabilities of the organization.
3. Deliberate the requirements of the customer who works in a business.
4. Identify a variety of issues regarding business and how they associated.

As the need for the accomplishment of the provided portfolio, first of all, you had better select a type of business management you have or would possibly like to start up (shop, restaurant, etc.). Your answer to the task given below will relate to this business.

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There are total four tasks in this assignment and the word limit for each task is 350-400 words.

Task 1

a. Briefly describe the nature of the business you have or might like to have in the future.
b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning your own business?
c. In what ways could PESTEL be useful in planning your start-up business?


Task 2

a. In what ways can ‘globalisation’ have an impact on your business? Discuss two examples.
b. What would suitable technology your business use and how would it improve the operations of the business?

Task 3

a. Briefly identify who your ‘customer’ is likely to be. Why is it important for a business to understand its customers?
b. Describe TWO ways in which you might attract more customers to your business.

Task 4

a. What is the role of ethics in business?
b. With examples from other businesses, describe how your business can treat its staff ethically.

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