E-Business Prototype Paper Editing Services

E-Business Prototype Assignment Brief

E-Business Prototype Paper Editing Services

Assessment Objective

This assessment Items relates to course learning outcomes:

  •  Articulate the recent developments in e-business industry and its likely future directions.
  • Compare and explain various types of e-business infrastructure technologies, business models, and payment and security systems in a corporate setting.
  • Formulate and critically evaluate the impact of e-business strategies on organizational processes and outcomes.
  • Demonstrate the technical research skills to assess existing and emerging e-business technologies to transform organizations for competitive advantages.
  • Develop the ability to work independently and contribute as a member of team employing appropriate Interpersonal, professional and technical communication skills.
  • Interpret the legal, ethical, social networking and cultural issues that affect the use, design, and implementation of e-business systems.
  • Build e-business prototype solutions using open source technologies.

Assessment Task:

This is your major assignment and can be done In a group of 3members. The aim of this major assignment is to give you the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained in this course as well as your skills and experience by developing a prototype website solution for an SME.Hence, this assessment gives you the best opportunity for you to learn by doing and working in a team environment. Today it is a fact that e-business websites are an integral part of any business operation for competitive as well as survival reasons. We have high expectations of you and therefore as a future ICT professional you need to be able to show your intellectual capability by providing a prototype website solution for an SME of your choice in any industry type. This is critical, so you can use cutting edge and state of the art technologies available on the Internet as open sources to carry out your required work. So, there are two parts in this assessment:

Part.1: E-Business Website Prototype Solution

You as a group need to develop an e- business prototype website solution using open source in any industry o your choice for an SME. you will to be required to design, configure and populate your proposed E-business web site using the joomla CMS via the URL in the cloudaccess.net .

In this part of the assessment, you are required to configure your joomla site and design homepage using cloud access URL created by your group for your proposed e-business. You are required to add extensions like catalogue, shopping cart, contact us, customer registration and any other extension appropriate for your business.

Show Site Map of your proposed E — business model:

  • Briefly describe your group project reflections (some of the challenges encountered) in designing your e-business website (250 words).
  • List and explain the resources you had researched or used for designing your e-business website as a group (250 words).
    You are encouraged to use critical thinking innovative ideas and your imagination to produce your e-business prototype solution.

Part-2: E-Business Report 

As a group you need to choose and propose e-business of your choice, approved by your local lecturer (or course coordinator for distance students). So please discuss your proposal with you teacher in advance.

This group assignment relates to your understanding of the technological infrastructure and functional requirements of a small to mid-size e-business and to allow you to demonstrate your ability to research, analyze, synthesize and evaluate, and specify the requirements of a proposed e-commerce website in a report. You are required to use at least 12 sources including6academjc to write a high quality report. It is expected that you will demonstrate your learning, integration incorporation of the knowledge that you have acquired during this course to produce a high quality e-business Marking Criteria for the Report:

  • Report cover page (course name and title, report title, group details, due date)
  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction (including aim, objectives, scope and limitations of the report)
  • Background of the report topic (including e-business proposal/planning, e-business strategies)
  • Discussions of proposed solution including but not limited to
    • E-business model(s)
    • E-business marketing
    • E-business infrastructure (such as hardware, software, resource requirements)
    • E-business payment system(s)
    • E-business legal, security, privacy and other issues, and
    • E-business benefits that will be derived from the implementation of yours,
    • E-business prototype website solution,
  • Conclusions and Recommendations,
    References (at least 12 sources including 6 academic)
  • Appendices