BSBMKG608 Develop organizational marketing objectives Editing Services

BSBMKG608 Develop organizational marketing objectives Assignment Brief

BSBMKG608 Develop organizational marketing objectives Editing Services

Assessment 1


Relating to an organization of your choice (your current employer or another organization as discussed with your assessor), you are to develop the organizations marketing objectives. This will be evidenced through the submission of a detailed document that:

  • Develops the marketing objectives for your organization including:
    • Identifying strategic direction
    • Undertaking strategic analysis reviewing the current marketing performance
    • Scope your marketing opportunities and formulate short and long term marketing objectives
  • Developing a marketing risk management strategy

Your assessor will be looking to ensure you:

  • Confirm the organization’s mission, vision, purpose and values
  • Analyses the organizations strategic documents to identify directions and targets
  • Complete a situational analysis that identifies factors that would impact on the direction and performance of the business
  • Identify the legal and ethical requirements for your business
  • Document and confirm the strategic direction in detail – and identify its impact on marketing activities

Reviewing your market performance will require you to evaluate the effectiveness of previous marketing and positioning strategies; perform a SWOT analysis on the current business; evaluate previous marketing undertaken by the business for profitability; and evaluate your marketing performance against previous objectives to identify critical success factors and areas for improvement

When you scope for marketing opportunities, be sure to:

  • Identify and analyze marketing opportunities in terms of their viability and likely contribution to the business
  • Use an assessment of external factors, costs, benefits, risks and opportunities to determine the scope of each marketing opportunity
  • Analyze opportunities in terms of their likely fit with organizational goals and capabilities
  • Evaluate each opportunity to determine its likely impact on current business and customer base

Finally, you are to formulate your marketing objectives including:

  • Developing long term strategic objectives and KPI by product / service, market segment and overall
  • Developing a risk management strategy
  • Document all marketing activities
  • Pitch your marketing objectives to your group and consider feedback given


1. Describe what should be included in a situational analysis
2. What is marketing
3. Define the following terms as they relate to marketing

  • Strategies / Tactics
  • Value (for customer and marketer)

4. Describe in detail what marketers do.
5. Describe the following legislation / codes of practice / national codes

  • ADMA Direct marketing code of Practice
  • Australian E-Commerce Best Practice Model
  • Australian Government Policy Framework for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce
  • Free TV Australia Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice
  • Defamation
  • Copyright
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Privacy laws
  • anti-discrimination (Provide detailed explanation of 4 different relevant legislation)
  • regulations for sweepstakes
  • Trades  Practices Act 1974

6. What benefits to society does marketing offer?