CSM80005 Engineering Project Control Management Editing Services

CSM80005 Engineering Project Control Management Assignment

CSM80005 Engineering Project Control Management Editing Services

Assignment 2

The objective of this unit evaluates an organization’s strengths and weaknesses project-based settings and analyze alternatives for effective project management

a) What is a ‘Linear Project’?  Outline examples of the various types of Linear Projects. (2 marks)

b) A section of a new High-Speed Railway (HSR) route will cross a large estuary on a twin-track viaduct. The total length of the viaducts required to achieve this together with the approach sections on land are as follows:

Chainage (km):

0-4:  Tracks on grade with access roads available beside tracks

4-7:  Tracks on a viaduct over land (access roads at ground level)

7-10: Tracks built on a viaduct over the estuary

10-14: As for the 4-7km section above

14-20:  As for the 0-4km section above

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b1. Prepare a step-by-step, detailed methodology for how you would propose to install the twin track work for the length of the viaduct. Include a list of construction plant and equipment that will be needed for the operation. (6 marks)

b2.  Prepare a construction schedule for the track installation contract on the viaduct using Time-Chainage Diagram (TCD) format in XL or AutoCAD showing all activities that need to undertake for the construction of the twin railway track including site establishment, and equipment set up.  Include all assumptions and calculations for estimating construction duration. (10 marks)

b3. Prepare a second TCD, assuming that installation work will start at the 0km and the 20km chainages at the same time. Include all assumptions and calculations for estimating construction durations. What is the difference in total construction time between b2 above and b3? (8 marks)

b4. Prepare a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) or JSA for the track installation work on the viaduct. (4 marks)

Question 2 – 10 Marks

Schedule-driven projects have not been regarded highly by some business project performance analysis (see references below).  However, a large Design and Construct contractor in Australia recently expressed the view that the key ‘driver’ for successful projects is that they be schedule driven and appropriately coordinated rather than be cost-driven. However, the references below infer that schedule-driven projects may not be the way to go. Do you agree or disagree?(10 marks)

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