CSI6218 Wireless and Mobile Computing Security Editing Services

CSI6218 Wireless and Mobile Computing Security Assignment Help

CSI6218 Wireless and Mobile Computing Security Editing Services

The value of this assessment is 40% of the final mark for the unit.


There is a hospital located in Sydney, Western Australia with approximately 500 beds, 40 administration staff, and 3 employees in charge of the IT structure. Employees within this hospital have been voicing their continual interest in being able to connect various portable devices such as tablets, smartphones, network storage and laptops to the network. The head administrator of the hospital has concerns regarding the security of such a proposal and has asked external consultants to make a series of reports on the matter.     


The deliverable for this case study is a report and presentation that addresses the graduate attributes of:

Critical appraisal skills
Effective communication skills
Ability to generate ideas

The assignment can either be completed individually or in a group of two. A group of 2 will be needed to produce twice the amount of work as a particular person.

Your task is to select 1 topic from the module. You should specify which of these you have covered in your write-up is well

Wireless and Mobile Computing Security Assignment Help, CSI6218 Assignment Help, CSI6218

Mobile Device Management

• Evaluating Mobile Device Management Systems
• Mobile Device Security Policies
• Wireless Vulnerabilities
Mobile Application Security
• Mobile Device Forensics
• Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems/Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems etc...

Each module has weekly lecture notes and a recording already created to introduce you to the topic and point you in the right direction. Based on the topic and the background you are to develop a presentation which will show the head administrator the positive and negative aspects of allowing employees to utilize portable computing devices at work. If for instance, you are undertaking the wireless vulnerabilities topic, you would then need to show the dangers and potential threats, how they can eventuate and at the same time mitigated. You may also contrast this with case studies of other hospitals or medical facilities and examine the mitigation strategies that they have employed.

It is entirely up to you as to how you wish to undertake your presentation and what you wish to include. You should go beyond the scope of simply presenting what is available in the weekly lecture/audio material. You should review existing systems and examine publicly accessible case studies. You may like to undertake in-class demonstrations or activities relevant to the topic.

Wireless and Mobile Computing Security, CSI6218 Assignment Help, CSI6218

Both On-campus and Off-campus students will prepare a full business report of their chosen topic in relation to the case scenario above which they will have to upload onBlackboard Off-campus students will be required to create a video/audio recording of their slides which will subsequently be shown in the lecture time slot also. Audio/video recording will need to be submitted to Blackboard at least 1 day prior to the date of the presentation

Marking criteria

1. Key components of the chosen module explained?  5 marks

2. Advanced research/investigation is demonstrated?  8 marks

3. Presentation compares and contrasts existing case studies?  8 marks

4. Positive and negative aspects outlined and justified?  8 marks

5. Proposed recommendations provided and justified?  6 marks

6. Evidence of engagement and facilitation of a learning experience?  5 marks       

Challenges that students may face in completing this assignment

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