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CSI6116 Network Security Assignment Help

CSI6116 Network Security Proof Reading Services

This assignment is completely based on the mechanism of securing the data that is transferred through a certain work. It will explain about the IP session hijack, Denial in Service attacks, man in the middle attack, password based security attacks, sniffer attack and many more.

Assessment 3

This assignment contains 10% marks

Learning objective

This assignment applies appropriate counter measures to protect a network.


The individual assignment is based on hammertoes, which is a stealthy malware that uses avenues and techniques in order to increase the effectiveness and sophistication of the Russian cyber crime group.

NetworkingYou will be provided a special report on hammertoes by FireEye. You are required to read the report and gather additional information from different sources. You have to prepare a report for your organization and take counter measures against hammertoes.

Task 1

Q1.Perform research on Hammertoes.

Q2.Identify attack vectors used by Hammertoes and possible vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Q3.Propose countermeasures to protect your network against Hammertoes. Your proposed solution must be justified and address Hammertoes specifically. A generic solution will not be suitable. It must address Hammertoes.

Q4.Provide a technical report to the CISO, and include:

1. Background on Hammertoes

2. Attack vectors

3. Potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited

4. Countermeasures and justification

Marking Criteria

The Marking Criteria for this assessment is as follows:

1. Identification of attack vectors (2 Marks)

2. Identification of vulnerabilities (2 Marks)

3. Counter measures (4 Marks)

4. Technical reporting (2 Marks)

Assessment 4

This assessment contains 40% marks

Learning Objectives

In this assessment, students can:

1. Evaluate a network for implementing effective risk reduction strategies and vulnerabilities.

2. Prepare an effective network usage policy and execute risk analysis.

Note – Secure and investigate commonly used network services.


The individual assignment is presented through networking diagram. It is based on the local government council in WA. The ISP has given their own device for internet connectivity managed by them. Based on this council, the edge of the network starts at the Cisco ASA firewall. The servers facing the internet area hosted in a DMZ and other internal devices that accesses the Internet via the proxy server.

The following VLANs exist internally:

1. VLAN1: Active Directory and File Servers

2. VLAN2: Lan C devices

3. VLAN3: Lan D devices

Network securitySince the IT Department of the local government is under-staffed in order to provide quick response to support request. It will also allow the IT support staff to use their dedicated management networks that can be accessed wireless from anywhere in the building using their laptops. WLAN-1 (wireless LAN) is used for the DMZ management and the WLAN-2 is for internal network management. Since they are the only wireless access points in the organisation, the CEO is provided wireless access to his personal iPad under special consideration.

LAN C and D are dedicated to the various departments of the council staff.

Task 1

1. Students have to research the devices and topology provided in the network diagram and completes the following tasks in the form of a technical report. Your answers should be specifically for the scenario described above and as per the network diagram provided, rather than generic answers. You should explicitly state any assumptions made in each section.

Identify the vulnerabilities in the network with clear indications on what they are, where they are found, and how they expose the organisation to cyber threats.

2. Elaborate upon security countermeasures to reduce the risk that the organisation is facing due to the vulnerabilities identified.

3. Given the type of organisation, formulate the most critical five security policies for reducing the cyber security risks. You must also provide the justification for choosing these five security policies. You may assume there are no security policies in place at this stage.

Marking Criteria

The Marking Criteria for this assessment is as follows:

1. Vulnerability Identification (10 Marks)

2. Security Countermeasures (15 Marks)

3. Security Policies(10 Marks)

4. Technical Reporting (5 Marks)

Network Diagram

Network securityProblems that students might face

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