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CSI1101D Computer Security Assignment Guide

CSI1101 Computer Security Proofreading and Paper Editing service

This assessment discusses the threats to computer systems and the countermeasures that can be put in place to minimize them.  The areas covered are malicious code including viruses, threats, Trojan horses, aims of computer security and general computer security, worms and other forms of hostile executable code.

Assignment 2

The value of this assessment is 25% of the total marks for the unit. The length of this assessment is maximum of 30 slides excluding end text references end text reference list.  This assignment builds on assignment 1. You have now been re-hired to educate current and future employees on how they can ensure that their online account remains safe and secure when using their personal computer.


Your task is to efficiently communicate approaches to make sure that the attack approaches demonstrated in assignment 1 are mitigated. To successfully complete this task you must produce a Microsoft PowerPoint document that shows the best practices for addressing the attack approaches defined in assignment 1. You must be as an exact as possible with your chosen mitigation plans should:

1. You suggest a specific product or software you must show the vendor, version and justify your reasoning for choosing that plan.

2. Your chosen plan encompasses behavioral or procedural methods you must provide suitable explanations and information to justify your method.

3. Your chosen plan encompass configuration options, you must sufficiently provide step by step guidance on achieving your intended outcome.

Presentation Requirements

1. Title slide (1 slide)

Unit code and title, assignment title, your name, student number, tutor’s name.

2. Introduction slide (1-2 slides)

A brief overview of your presentation, the issues you are addressing and what you will be presenting.

3. Computer security strategies

This section will contain your slides detailing your solutions to address the attacks identified in assignment 1. Each proposed strategy must be appropriately referenced.

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Reference list (1 slide)

A list of end-text references used in the assignment and formatted according to the APA requirements. Do not use more than 1 slide for the reference list. If the references do not fit onto 1 slide, then adjust the font to a smaller size to ensure it does fit.

Marking Criteria

1.Is presentation professionally formatted and structured? (1 marks)

2. Comprehensive range of cyber security strategies that are applicable to the case study (6 marks)

3. Cyber security strategies have been appropriately explained and justified for a range of IT competencies? (6 marks)

4. There is evidence of research and analysis demonstrating why the chosen strategy is suitable for securing an online account? (8 marks)

5. Sufficient and appropriate use of references to support security strategies? (2 marks)

6. In-text and end-text references are formatted according to the APA requirements? (2 marks)

Various challenges students may face while completing these assessments:

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