CSG1105D Applied Communications Proof Reading Services

CSG1105D Applied Communications Assignment Help

CSG1105D Applied Communications Proof Reading Services

This assignment explains about proposed and current networking infrastructures and telecommunications applications in communication and business services. It will also help in examining the processes, principles and technologies associated with computer networking, data communication, emerging broadcast, communication standards and many more based on different communication channels.

Assignment 3

Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to find learning outcomes while completing this assignment which includes the explanation of basic components and types of data communications networks, the importance of network models based on different layers and the role of network standards, the nature and structure of the Internet as a communications channel and the analysis and evaluation of emerging data communication technologies.

Case Study

A medical company has a specialization in the industry and provides primary health care services within its local community. This practice requires five General Practitioners, Two Nurses, Practice Manager and four Administration and Reception staff. They have implemented a wired LAN but later wished for its wireless technology as they can utilize mobile technologies like laptops, smartphones and access to the internet. Its coverage includes all practice grounds but refused to extend in the local community area. They believe that this upgrade can enhance the accessibility towards medical information and helps in improving patient’s care.

Note – Case study given in this assignment is for the reference purpose only.

Task 1

This assessment has 25% value.

The length of the assessment should be 2000 words.

Q1.Write an analysis of the Case Study below. Format your report and discuss your findings.

Students must include following elements in their analysis:

1. Two diagrammatic designs including one for the current infrastructure, and another for the suggested improvement. (State all assumptions)

2. Discussion of significant issues associated with using such a design

3. Give reasons why the issues you have identified are important, and how they would be addressed.

4. Research and discuss alternative solutions, and compare these to the original suggested improvement.

5. Make recommendations to the medical practice

Objective– With this assignment, students can apply the knowledge gained to a real life situation and apply your research skills to a problem.

Applied CommunicationsInstructions

1. Report must be formatted in a technical style including a title page, student’s name and number, assignment details, table of contents, headings and sub-headings and page numbers.

2. You must provide accurate and complete references (personal opinion is not valid)

3. All images, diagrams, tables, charts should be fully labeled. Additionally, you must include in-text references where required and a correctly formatted end-text reference list.

4. Format of the assignment should be in Microsoft word or PDF file.

5. Upload your electronic file of your assignment up to the Moodle portal.

6. Upload only one document which includes tables, images and references. If the speed of your uploading file increases, you can zip the file.

7. Mention your file name as “Unitcode_StudentID_Surname.doc”.

Assessment marking criteria

1. Initial design and assumptions (5 marks)

2. Significant issues identified and addressed correctly (5 marks)

3. Alternative solutions and comparison well researched (5 marks)

4. Recommendations are based on facts and alternatives discussed (5 marks)

5. Report style, layout and numbering; correct referencing (5 marks)


Students can use the following resources during their assignment which includes:

1. Lecture tutorials and notes

2. Textbook and other provided readings

3. The library databases

4. Independent research (online material)

Challenges students might face

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