CSE2DBX Database Fundamental Paper Editing Services

CSE2DBX Database Fundamental Assignment Help

CSE2DBX Database Fundamental Paper Editing Services

To effectively operate within any information system, knowledge of theory and practice of databases management systems is necessary.

The subject is designed to excavate your interest in this area. It focused on the relational data model and students can learn the basics of database design using entity-relationship diagrams and how this design can then be mapped onto the relation model. It also discusses the use of SQL.

Assessment 3 (Research Report)

There are total 20 marks are assigned for this assessment task.

Objectives of the Assessment

Research and report on an allocated specialist topic in database system
The below-mentioned elements are crucial and form the marking criteria as well

a. Explanation of technology
b. Use of technology for industrial applications
c. Referencing and presentation

Note:this is an individual assignment.

Research Topics

To complete this assessment, you need to prepare a research report on a specialized database topic. A list of pre-approved topics is mentioned below:

a. Distributed databases
b. NoSQL and big data
c. GIS and special database
d. Data warehousing
e. Data mining
f. Database security and SQL injection

All research reports should conform to the below mentioned basic needs:

Contain a cover page with student details
Contain the following 4 headings

1. Description of technology
2. Importance of technology
3. Technology implementation and software
4. Technology in industry

a. Appendices and images may optionally be contained if they’re not excessive.
b. Contain a bibliography using Harvard referencing style.
c. World limit for this assessment is minimum of 1,000 words and maximum of 2,000 words containing the bibliography and any appendices.

Marking Criteria for this Assessment

1. Explanation of what the technology is. (2 marks)
2. Explanation of why the technology is important (2 marks)
3. Description of implementations or software that uses the technology. (4 marks)
4. Description of how the technology is used in industry. (4 marks)
5. Report organization and logical progression. (2 marks)
6. Quality of writing. (2 marks)
7. Bibliography and referencing style. (2 marks)
8. Adherence to word count. (2 marks)

Challenges students may face in completing this assessment

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