CSE1PGX Hangman Java Program Editing and Proof Reading Services

CSE1PGX Hangman Java Program Assignment

CSE1PGX Hangman Java Program Editing and Proof Reading Services


In this CSE1PGX hangman java pogram assignment, you will create a Java program that plays the hangman game1. This program serves two purposes. First, the program will assess your skills in using various features of arrays. Second, it will assess your skills in using multiple subroutines in a single application.

The workings of a basic hangman game are described below.
The computer randomly selects a word from an array of strings. The program then prints out a row of ‘-‘hyphen characters, one for each letter in the secret word. The number of hyphens will correspond to the number of letters in the secret word.

The user is requested to guess a letter. If the user guesses a letter that is in the word, the word is redisplayed with all instances of that letter shown in the correct positions, along with any letters correctly guessed on previous attempts.

If the letter does not appear in the word, the appropriate message along with an incorrect guess is displayed. The user keeps guessing letters until either the user has correctly guessed all the letters in the word or the user has reached his quota of ten  incorrect guesses.

Two sample runs that illustrate the game are shown in Figure 1.
Any Java program implementation of the game should be able to keep track of the user’s partially guessed word. It begins as a series of ‘-‘characters and then gets updated as correct letters are guessed.

The program should implement the basic control structure and manage the details (i.e. ask the user to guess a letter, keep track of the number of guesses remaining and letters guessed, print out the various messages, detect the end of the game).

In this project, you will create a simple console application prototype to test out the functionality of the program and to run some tests that ensure your code is robust.

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The drawHangMan method is provided. This method is to receive no parameters. The method displays the console based graphics of the hangman game. The code is shown in Figure 2.

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Write a pseudo code to design the hangman game.

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