CS184 Mobile Applications Development Proof Reading Services

CS184 Mobile Applications Development Assignment Help

CS184 Mobile Applications Development Proof Reading Services

This assignment explains about development of various mobile applications that deals in the programming language in order to provide support to the software technologies and standards used at the industrial level. Also, subject-oriented application development will be taught to the students in the correct context of mobile application development for variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. this approach is highly driven by applications.

In this, students will also learn the semantics and syntax of the particular chosen language that supports standards and technologies, coding techniques and object-oriented design that analyzes a sequence of finished applications.


Assignment 2

Task 1


In this assignment, students have to create Student Management system for iOS devices by making use of XCode Swift. This application includes one or more decorative and innovative images and options. It has four main functions part from the home screen:

1. It allows students to search and manipulate the list of students

2. It allows students to view and manipulate exams related with them

3. It display users to view and manipulate different images and address linked with the students.


The application should particularly follow:

A. Pass level (up to 64%)

Provide the corresponding actions and main interface where users can directly select options from different buttons including:

1. You have to add the record of a new student or the user into the list. The information of the students must include Student ID, first and last name, course study, gender, address and age.

2. You have to edit the record of a student or the user from the list. This program helps to display all the information of the user or a student in the corresponding fields which allows them to edit it. The page should also include another option where you can delete the current record due to the addition of edit option.

3. Students could be able to return to the home or previous page.

4. The application should store and manipulate data in a local core data database.


B. Credit level (up to 74%)

 It is important to include all the functions of pass level including:

1. You are provided a high quality user interface so that screens can become easy to use, lay out neatly and look good.

2. You can use more advanced interface item rather than texting fields for the form, for instance, segmented controls or switchers must be used for gender, table view so that the list of students can be displayed.

Mobile interfaceC. Distinction level (up to 84%)

Under this level, you can include all the credit level functions including:

1. You can use implemented actions and main interface in order to view and manipulate exams related with a particular student. When the user selects a student, he/she are available with the edit and delete options, as the application fundamentally includes an option for the exam manipulation which can be shown on the following page including:

a. Students can add a new exam to the list. The records of the exam include date and time, name and location.

b. Students can view the records of the exam including both past and current exams. (In order to flag the exams, the program should check the current date and time)

c.Students should be able to delete multiple exams at once.


D. High Distinction level (up to 100%):

You can include all the functions of the distinction level by adding more features to it like:

1. Students must have the ability to shower the address of a particular student on the map.

2. Students can get the corresponding actions and interface where you can assign an image to the student. These images can be stored manually in the application or photo gallery. It has the ability to display the assigned image while showing the information of the student.

3. Students can be available with the excellent coding styles with comprehensive comments, object oriented structure and screen displays containing a professional quality.


Problems that students might face

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