Contemporary Project Management Proof Reading Services

Contemporary Project Management Assignment

Contemporary Project Management Proof Reading Services

This Contemporary Project Management Assignment is consisting Project risk and quality planning, Managing scope, schedule, cost and quality and finishing projects and Developing and leading the project team and stakeholders and business communication plan and Enterprise risk Management.

Work Break down Structure (WBS)

The main objective of WBS is to divide major deliverables into smaller tasks, which enable to mange efficiently by team management. In other words, breakdown the milestones into smaller tasks until, it is clear and achievable (Kloppenborg, 2015).

1. Planning
           1.1 Discuss sponsors design with the team
           1.2 Identify recourses needed
           1.3 Decide and allocate team for the project
           1.4 Budgeting
           1.5 Site visit and brief team about project scope and safety measures
2. Room Clearance
           2.1 Remove all furniture and place it in U level storage
           2.2 Remove all electronic appliances and place it in U level storage
           2.3 Dismantle fitted extra wardrobes
           2.4 Remove Carpets and place it in U level storage
3. Combine two rooms into one unit
           3.1 Place dust net around the site
           3.2 Demolish connecting walls
                  3.2.1      Inspect possible structural damages and fix
                  3.2.2      Remove waste to skip bin
           3.3 Place plumbing pipes for new kitchen area
           3.4 Place electric wirings
           3.5 Plastering
4. Kitchen area
           4.1 Place exhaust fans
           4.2 Connect drain pipes to existing draining system
           4.3 Connect water supply pipes to existing supply system
           4.4 Tile the kitchen floor
           4.5 Fit pantry cupboards
           4.6 Place plug points and lights
5. Living area
           5.1 Place plug points and lights
           5.2 Plastering
           5.3 Fit glass slide doors for exiting balcony entrance
           5.4 Clear 100% of waste from each unit
6. Carpeting the floor
7. Interior design

           7.1 Paint whole unit
           7.2 Steam clean carpets
           7.3 Place electric appliances given by sponsor
           7.4 Place furniture and bedding given by sponsor
 8. Final touch and handover