HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics Editing Services

HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics Assignment Brief

HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics Editing Services

This assignment is relevant to comparative business ethics and social responsibility which is defined the social accountability, respectfulness, confidentiality, compliance and adherence to the law,team work, commitment, honesty, transparency


For most subjects, students are expected to engage in additional research. Textbooks and teaching materials available in the Resource Centre will be of use here. In addition, current students have access to a range of electronic academic journals via Proquest, which is accessible once you log into Blackboard.

Study Skills And Academic Report

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Detailed Information Of Subject Assessments

Task 1:  Individual Essay 

  • Topic:
    “Imagine yourself in a situation where you are a manager in a government establishment. A bid has been submitted to your office for supply of new computers and your best friend’s company (Radax) is one of the bidders. Your friend  has spoken to you about the bid and you have realized that Radax does not really have the best bid. Describe the ethical concerns that have arisen from this scenario. Do you think your choice would be most affected by your individual moral development or by the cultural values of the organisation for which you work? Explain”

Students are required to write a critical analysis essay based on the above topic. It is expected that student should write approximately 1,500 words. A minimum of 8 references from reputable sources are required.

Format: Essay format, times new roman, 12 point, 1.5 line