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COMP9812 Operating Systems Proof Reading Services

This assignment will explain about thecomputer software that lets the user carry out basic tasks such as file management, handling input & output, controlling devices like printer & disk drives.


1.You are required to engage in the research of an operating system that could enables your in-depth learning. The main aim of this assignment is to perform research on one topic allocated to you based on the last number.

2. You are required to find, read and critically analyze a number of important papers by writing a scientific report. You need to explore the issues and compare different options.

Operating Systems3. You need to identify main keywords, define each and every academic paper and compare different concepts that use arguments in the discussion of the papers.

4. You are required to keepa list of referencesbased on the academic papers by using appropriate tools.

5. You are required to submit the bibliography by presenting a list of academic papers along with the description of why each of these academic papers is relevant to the topic.

6. You rare required demonstrating an understanding based on different concepts of operating systems, shared memory, processes, performance processing and concurrency file systems, etc.

7. You are required to describe the ability to conduct the scientific research

8. You are required to critically analyze different resources of information based on particular topic.

9. You are required to demonstrate a working knowledge of operating system concepts and analyze published academic research and present an argument.


Research topics

You should focus on the topic that has the same number as the last number of your FAN;

1Operating systems kernels -Compare the organizational differences between Micro Kernels and Monolithic Kernels

2. File systems - Compare the permissions models between UNIX file systems and Windows file systems

3. Processes - Compare the differences in process management algorithms for single CPU systems and SMP or multi-CPU systems

4. Memory management - Compare differences in memory allocation algorithms for single CPU systems and SMP or multi-CPU systems

5. Real time systems - Compare real time operating systems and discuss how they support real time processing.

6. Microprocessors - Discuss how voltage scaling and operating systems work together to function in low power scenarios such as in wearable devices.

7. Security - Compare the security available in mobile operating systems and identify which is most secure.

Security8. Performance - Explain why understanding worst case execution time is important and how is it calculated?

9. Efficiency -Explain how embedded operating systems are different from standard operating systems and how they help to improve performance in embedded systems.

10. Architecture - Compare 32 vs 64 bit operating systems. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each and what applications are each most suited for?


Marking criteria

1.The assignment is worth 20% of your total semester grade

2. A maximum of 60 marks are available for this assignment

Note - All requests will be processed electronically, requests in person will not be accepted


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