COL145 Persuasive Essay Plan Proof Reading Services

COL145 Persuasive Essay Plan Assignment

COL145 Persuasive Essay Plan Proof Reading Services

Part 1: Planning the Rhetorical Situation (50 Points):

Write your answers to the questions in the boxes provided. You may find some answers to be overlapping. Try to answer as many questions as possible. Your answers should reflect some depth/breadth of knowledge on your commodity, and should be precise.
1. Identification of the commodity

  • What is the significance of this commodity? Why is this commodity important?
  • What is the information you want the readers to learn about this commodity?
  • What is the impact of this commodity on the environment law, society, and/or animals?

2. Identification of the audience
In this part, consider the age, gender, language, culture, level of education, economic class, geographic location, and/or other circumstances of your audience.

  • Who do you want to persuade?
  • Why do you want to address this group in particular?
  • Is this audience hostile, sympathetic and/or neutral to your message? Why?
  • If your audience is the consumer of this commodity, what cultural factors or belief systems are fueling their demand for the commodity?
  • Are there any cultural sensitivities you should consider?
  • How much does your audience already know about the commodity?

3. Purpose

  • What is your argument and position?
  • What is the message you want to convey to this audience?
  • Why do you wish to convey this message? What do you hope will be achieved?

4. Strategy (Ethos, Pathos, Logos)

  • Do you plan to use ethos? How?
  • How do you plan to affect your audience emotionally (pathos)?
  • How do you plan to appeal to your audience’s sense of logic (logos)?

5. Research

  • List your references in APA style and in alphabetical order. Refer to APA References Guide in Blackboard for this part.

Part 2: Persuasive Essay Outline (50 Points)

Complete the table fully.