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COIT20275 System Science and Engineering Assignment Help

COIT20275 System Science and Engineering Proof Reading Services

Assignment 1


This assignment mainly focuses on the analysis of system design process that uses various principles and theories studied during the course of Science and Engineering. This assessment is related with the learning outcomes of the course ranges from 1 to 5.

Task 1

This is a group assessment which requires report writing for analysing the conceptual design phase of a systems engineering project. These projects might consider a dam, designing a bridge, a mechatronic system and an environmentally conscious building. In this project, you are not required to get involved personally. You are required to analyse conceptual system design and needs definition.

Choose your project carefully because in assignment 2, your group will need to analyse the preliminary design and detailed design phases of the project. If you are unsure as to whether your chosen project has sufficient depth/detail, consult with your tutor. You will also have the opportunity to work on the assignment in the tutorials for the unit. Every group must do a different project. Also, projects from previous years cannot be reused.

Relevant sources like books, journals or reputable trade publications can be used to analyse and explain your understanding and research skills on this project. You can also use the method of case study in terms of above mentioned lifecycle phases and proposed conceptual designs against their requirements by evaluating the subjects.

trade publicationsFor the report, you are expected to follow the Harvard Referencing Style that includes Title Page, Table of Contents, Introduction, Needs definition, Conceptual design, Evaluation and References or opportunities. The length of the assessment should be of 2000(only the body of the report and the weight should be 20%.

Note: It should not include the table of contents, table of contents, the reference list or any appendices.

The Assessment Criteria need to be followed as stated below:

S. No.





5 Marks


Needs of Definition

10 Marks


Conceptual Design

10 Marks



5 Marks


Research Skills

5 Marks


Grammar and Spelling

5 Marks

Submission Criteria

You are required to submit the assessment with one report, one group. For this, you can make use of Microsoft Word file or Moodle. It can be done via online or through group.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

1. Describe the processes of development and management of systems over the systems life cycle.

2. Critically evaluate the importance of feedback control loop and human factors in the preliminary and detailed system design.

3. Critically evaluate and report the common management processes used in the development, implementation and disposal of real or simulated systems.

4. Apply appropriate processes in the optimisation of systems using reliability testing, sustainability and evaluation.

You can also make use of graduate attributes like Knowledge, Self-management, Communication, Ethical and Professional Responsibility, Cognitive, technical and creative skills, Research etc.

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