COIT20263 Information Security Management Editing Services

COIT20263 Information Security Management Assignment Help

COIT20263 Information Security Management Editing Services

This assignment is based on the systematic approach that helps in managing the sensitivity of the company’s information to make it secure. It encompasses different processes, people and IT systems.

Assessment 3

Task 1

This assignment has 40% weight

The length of the assignment should be 3000 words minimum.

Q1. Discuss and analyse the application of various principles of information security management, information security certification and accreditation of the organization mentioned in the scenario.

Note– Support your discussion with references and justify the content. Write the report in your own words and avoid the plagiarism


Students must include following guidelines in their report:

1. Executive Summary

2. Table of Contents

3. Introduction

4. Discussion

5. Conclusion

6. References

sensitivity of the company’s informationAssessment Criteria

Students can apply the principles of information security risk management, information security certification and accreditation to the organization with your ability to assess. Familiarise yourself with the marking criteria given in the report. Submit your report in the Word format.

Note – You can refer Moodle unit for this assessment.

Scenario for the task/assessment

A newly established school in Australia has the main campus located in Sydney and the satellite campuses are located in Cairns and Darwin. It has also made the agreement with three local private hospitals to train the students for training and internship in nursing school. All of these properties are connected to the Internet.

Tutorial, lecture and laboratory classes are conducted in the Sydney campus and the live-video forms a virtual classroom to the satellite campuses. There, both students and instructors can communicate with the lecturer during their virtual class. On an average and at a time, there are 200 students in the main campus and maximum 100 students in the satellite campus participated in the virtual classroom. However, within the next couple of years, these numbers are expected to increase up to double.

The Australian school provides a healthcare and telemedicine services to the community in 200 km radius from each satellite campus. They have a small mobile team of nursing and doctor students. While the mobile team in other cities provides services to the needy patients and consultations ta their homes. These teams travel in specially equipped vehicles known as home-care vehicles. With this, students can take the pictures of the patient’s reports and send them immediately to the corresponding private hospitals and can communicate with their medical staff through the networks in the home-care vehicles. School has recently appointed staff for their information security division to design and launch an information security program.

Marking criteria

The marking criterion for this assignment has been designed with 40 marks in total  in following parts:

1. Executive Summary (5 Marks)

2. Table of Contents (5 Marks)

3. Introduction (5 Marks)

4. Discussion (20 Marks)

5. References (5 Marks)

Problems that students might face

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