COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis Design Proof Reading Services

COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design

COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis Design Proof Reading Services

Information systems analysis and design are a difficult, stimulating and challenging organizational procedure that a team of business and systems professionals uses to make and sustain computer-based information systems.

There are valuable information and knowledge for the students who are studying Information Systems Analysis and Design.

The weight of this assessment is 30% of total marks. Students need to complete this assessment in 1500 words (+\-10%).

This assessment has 5 tasks.

To complete this assessment, you will provide a case study in which you are assumed to be a software consultant in Brisbane Multi Faith Temple or another similar organization.

You will find an actual case study in your assignments. We provide this case study for reference purpose only.

You will produce a report that discusses this project based on your understanding of it and the related investigation result through the task below.

Task 1

Approaches to System Development

This task contains 10 marks

Q.1 Approaches system development how would Brisbane Multi-Faith Temple go about developing its information systems? (5Marks)

Q.2 Justify your choice of your selected approach to systems development. (5 Marks)

Task 2

System Requirements

This task contains 15 marks.

Q.1. what are the primary functional requirements for the system in the case study? (10 Marks)

Q.2. what are the non-functional requirements for the system in the case study? (5 Marks)

Task 3

Project Cost-Benefit Analysis

This task contains 15 marks.

Q.1. Discuss your Project Cost-Benefit Analysis. (7.5 Marks)

Q.2. Provide an excel spreadsheet with details in a Project Cost-Benefit Analysis. (7.5 Marks)

Task 4

Project Schedule

This task contains 20 marks.

Q.1. Show a work breakdown structure and a project schedule as a Gantt chart. Explain both of them and discuss how they relate to each other. (10 Marks)

Q.2. given the system goals, requirements, and scope as they are currently understood, is the project schedule reasonable? Why or why not? (10 Marks)

Task 5

System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques

This task contains 25 marks.

Q.1. Who are the stakeholders involved? (5 Marks)

Q.2. Explain your choice of the 3 most useful investigation techniques. (10 Marks)

Q.3. Justify the usefulness of these 3 investigation techniques. (10 Marks)

Challenges in this assessment

In completing this assessment, students faced many difficulties like the project schedule Gantt chart, work breakdown structure, developing information systems, Investigation Techniques and references etc.  Our experts can help in guide students to complete this complex task by which they can get in-depth knowledge of information systems, analysis, and design. This will help you to achieve higher marks in your assessments. Our experts are fully trained and experience holder who can help you in the best manner.