COIS23001 Network Security Assessment

COIS23001 Network Security Assessment

COIS23001 Network Security Assessment

Question 1: Firewall Rule Design

The system’s administrator of Reliable Power Supplies (RPS), a medium sized company that builds UPSs and switched power supplies for the computing industry. Your task is the analysis, design and configuration of a Firewall System that secures the inbound and outbound traffic at RPS.

RPS Web server contains public information including a product catalogue that is accessible to Internet users and it also provides secure online purchasing functionality using SSL/TLS. The internal users are also allowed to access all RPS WWW services; however they are allowed to access Internet WWW and FTP services only via the proxy located on the first firewall via port 3028.

Question 2: PCAP Analysis

Peter is the Network Security Manager for a small spare parts business. The organization uses an e-sales application to provide a front-end for its e-sales business.

  1. Identify the anomaly in the traffic this organisation is going through. What sort of evidence do you have to make this claim?
  2. What sort of utility or tool do you think probably the “attacker” is using to conduct this attack?
  3. Provide the IP address of the host used by the perpetrator. Based on this information, what can you tell about the profile of this individual? Explain why.
  4. What Wireshark filter do you think Peter used to produce the given PCAP? Explain why?

Question 3: Attack and Defence Research

PHP is a popular scripting language commonly used to implement dynamic web pages. Unlike JavaScript, which is a web client-side scripting language, PHP is a web server-side scripting language.

  1. Based on the information provided, what type of attack has been performed by the hackers using Kirandeep’s blog? 
  2. How would James need to change the PHP script to prevent such attacks? 
  3. What limitations does this form of attack have?
    Hint: Would this attack only have to be performed once to generate thousands of spam emails?

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