CNA256 Mental Health Proof Reading Services

CNA256 Mental Health Assignment

CNA256 Mental Health Proof Reading Services

Here, students will find important information regarding their mental health assignment.

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This unit focuses on mental health and illness across a lifespan. A customer-orientated approach to health care is highlighted throughout this unit to help students to appreciate concepts that shape mental health practices, recovery, containing chronic condition self-management, holistic care, and disease prevention. Students have a chance to increase knowledge about a range of mental illness and will enhance practical communication strategies in the Mental State Examination that are beneficial when providing health care in multifaceted circumstances in clinical environments. Students will have the chance to further develop their professional portfolio in this unit.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this unit, students will be able to:

1. Showcase understanding and knowledge of several mental illnesses and how people are likely to present if they experience a particular illness.
2. Recognize and apply practical communication strategies and tertiary prevention to promote mental health in individuals, communities, and families.
3. Explore the associated ethical and legal dimensions of clinical situations to mental health.
4. Apply practical and theoretical knowledge of the recovery approach to care in a variety of nursing contexts.
5. Apply knowledge of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention to promote mental health in individuals, families, and communities.
6. Show strengthening critical self-reflection and responsibility that indicate an active commitment to the promotion of health outcomes. 

There are total three tasks in this assessment which are:




Learning Outcomes

Task 1

Online Quiz



Task 2

Written Case



Task 3

Written Exam



Task 1

In this task, you need to attempt an online quiz. In this quiz, there is a set of 20 multiple choice questions measuring material covered in the set readings.

To complete this quiz, you must log onto MyLO site and follow the links to the online quiz.

You will have a maximum 30 minutes to complete each quiz.

Task 2

In this task, you will be provided a case study, in the context of a practicing nurse, analytically analyzes the mental health and then respond the four short answer type questions.

To answer each question, write approximately 500 words, adding up to 2000 words maximum.

Question 1

Define thought form and thought content as they relate to the Mental State Exam (MSE) and then discuss how we might interpret how Annabelle’s thoughts are disturbed?

Question 2

Define perception as it relates to an MSE and then discusses how we might interpret how Annabelle may have some disturbance in one or more of her senses?

Question 3

Define both ‘affect’ and ‘mood’. How would you describe Annabelle’s mood and the range and intensity of her affect?

Question 4

Giving examples from the Case Study, how would you describe her behavior and her appearance as set out in an MSE?

Task 3

At the end of the assessment, you will sit an exam in examination period. The exam will evaluate the material covered in the set reading.

Challenges students may face in completing this unit:

Students may face several problems while attempting this unit such as identifying the main issues, make proper references, lack of academic writing skills, analyzing the issues relating to mental health. Such students can take help and guidance from our academic experts. Our experts will help you in the best way to your mental health assignment.