CIS8100 E-commerce Website Prototype Paper Editing Services

CIS8100 E-commerce Website Prototype Assignment

CIS8100 E-commerce Website Prototype Paper Editing Services

Students will get important instructions and guidelines for their E-commerce Website Prototype Assignment.

The purpose of this subject is to help students in understanding the Digital Enterprise through an examination of a range of business, legal, technical and ethical issues that impact on them directly and indirectly.

Assignment 3

The weight of this assessment is 35% and marks allocated for this assessment is 100. The word limit for this assessment is 3500 words (±10%).

Learning Objectives

1. Show the understanding of the key drivers and various challenges faced by digital enterprises that contain business processes, consumer behavior, technology infrastructure, social media, and global markets (Problem-solving)
2. Show the ability to study and critically appraise e-commerce business models to understand their business application for changing digital enterprise.
3. Show the practical skills need to frame and examine a coherent plan for a digital enterprise, create a prototype business website based on this plan and document and analytically assess the end product (Problem Solving).
4. Show the ability to write efficiently in a clear and brief manner in report style for senior management.


In this assessment, you’re required to prepare a report to discuss execution issues in the e-commerce management sector, containing further extending your prototype website from Assessment 2 to facilitate e-commerce transactions based on the same business category as in assessment 2.

Report: E-commerce Implementation (70 Marks)

1. Report Structure and Presentation (5 marks)
2. Report Letter of Transmittal, Executive Summary, and Introduction (5 marks)
3. Report Section 1- Implementation Plan (10 marks)
4. Report Section 2- Social Marketing Campaign (10 marks)
5. Report Section 3- Privacy in Social Networks (10 marks)
6. Report Section 4- Challenges in Online Retail (10 marks)
7. Conclusion and Recommendations (5 marks)
8. Referencing and Appropriateness of Sources (5 marks)
9. Appendix 1 Journal (10 marks)

Checklist (30 Marks)

1. Overall Presentation & Functionality Enhancements (5 marks)
2. Product/ Service Catalogue (5 marks)
3. Shopping Cart/ Enquiry Form (5 marks)
4. Account Registration & Login (5 marks)
5. Checkout/ Order Processing & Payment (5 marks)
6. Discussion Forums/ Blog (5 marks)

Problems students may face in completing this assignment

Students may face various problems in completing this assignment such as identifying the issues in e-commerce, making an appropriate reference list, lack of academic writing skills etc. Such students can take help and necessary consultant from our experts in the technical field. Our experts will help you in the best possible way to solve your problems.