CIS8010 Digital Transformation Proofreading and Paper Editing Services

CIS8010 Digital Transformation Assignment

CIS8010 Digital Transformation Proofreading and Paper Editing Services

Makeup Assignment

Digital transformation is all the range. It is being talked about at every self-respecting convention and work meeting, and its implementation is on every company’s agenda, regardless of their location, size or line of business.

In this assignment, you need to prepare a business report of world limit 2000.

You need to answer the following questions:

1. Make necessary assumption about your company and articulate this into a scoping document; (5 marks)

2. Provide a summary report on existing ICT infrastructure capability and capacity assignment, and discuss how these can be accommodated through cloud computing infrastructure; (5marks)

3. Provide summary of the introduction of cloud computing infrastructure and appropriate model to incorporate cloud computing changes to existing ICT infrastructure unit; (5 marks)

4. Develop scheduling tasks and work breakdown structure with key project aspects such as milestones, slack etc. to indicate how long will it take to deploy cloud computing infrastructure project; (12 marks)

5. Provide brief description of how the cloud computing infrastructure project will be governed, including the reporting requirements; (12 marks)

6. Provide description of how the success of the cloud computing infrastructure project will be measured; ( 12 marks)

7. Provide a plan for cloud computing infrastructure project implementation strategy; ( 10 marks)

8. Strategies for tracking project progress and reporting of the project to major stakeholders; (10 marks)

9. Key measurement criteria to provide evidence to achieving on time & on budget project completion; (10 marks)

10. Identify risk associated with this project and strategies to manage or minimize the identified risk; and (12 marks)

11. Provide a Recommendation & Conclusion with supporting arguments (half page maximum). (12 marks)

Challenges face by students

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